The Wating is Over!: Alexandra Beaton, Canadian Ethnicity Actress, is Dating. Who's Her Boyfriend?

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The Wating is Over!: Alexandra Beaton, Canadian Ethnicity Actress, is Dating. Who's Her Boyfriend?

The beautiful Canadian actress, Alexandra Beaton,  who frequently hides her boyfriend and a  love affair with her fans, might be dating secretly. Isn't this what many of the people think about Alexandra. So did we. Nevertheless, we did search the entire detail about her and did you know what we found? It, of course, might be good news for you.

We do not know if it was her obligation or interest to hide her dating history in front of public. She never opened up her relationship with anyone. However, it seems Beaton might be dating with her handsome boyfriend, which means your waiting is over.

When Beaton was frequently asked by her fans on Twitter and other social media about her boyfriend, she never reacted. Most of her fans were eager to know if she was really involved with Zach.

Besides the social media, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ is always the first question her fan has put in front of her everywhere else. And her answer is often 'No.' 

Despite her answer ‘No’, while peeking into her Instagram account, we found something. Have a look at it.

Could he be her Boyfriend?


The Instagram pictures reflect she might be in a relationship as she shares her emotional feeling in various poses. It might not be true though Beaton hadn't attended with this boy in any source of media together.

Is Zach her Boyfriend?

No media has yet disclosed about the dating history of Alexandra. But Twitter and Instagram posts which show her pictures with Zach makes the doubt of her fans clear. The same pair frequently seems together in most of the Instagram pictures. They have been seen sharing a big part of their life together.

We also found her twitter posts dedicating the same boy we found in her Instagram post.


Though there we found Alexandra in various photos in different places with the boy whom she is involved most of her moments of life. It might be personally or professionally; she was doing so, but we can make a simple predict over her life.

Alexandra Beaton's Short Bio:

Canadian ethnicity actress Alexandra Beaton was born on December 5, 1994, in Toronto, Canada. She is the daughter of journalist Kate Wheeler. Her parents especially her mother supports her to step in her career.

She made her identity through the TV series "The Next Step(2013-2015)." She is known for her roles on stage, in movies, and on television. She plays Emily on Canadian dance drama The Next Step from where she got her name and fame. Her exact net worth is yet to be known.