CBC's Aarti Pole: From Married & Husband To Parents, Birthday - Details!

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CBC's Aarti Pole: From Married & Husband To Parents, Birthday - Details!

Like the famous philosopher Plato once highlighted; CBC News host, Aarti Pole has cherished her life with love. 

She has found the love of her life in the form of a loving husband, with whom she got married twice. She is currently cherishing her life in the company of her life partner along with her family. 

Why don't you follow down to reveal all the goodies of Aarti Pole!

Who is Aarti Pole's Husband?

Aarti, who celebrates her birthday every 13 November, first revealed her engaged status on 23 March 2016. She announced she was engaged to a man named Gavin via an Instagram post.

Aarti Flaunts Her Engagement Ring Alongside Her Husband Gavin at Ochi Rios

Aarti Flaunts Her Engagement Ring Alongside Her Husband Gavin at Ochi Rios (source: Instagram)

Later, a year after their engagement, the couple got married twice at two separate events.

Aarti and her husband Gavin first got married on 26 April 2016 under the Christian tradition. In the event, which was held in Cancun, Mexico, the bride was dressed in a white wedding gown, whereas the groom wore a blue suit.

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Aarti, who earns an average salary of $ 46,443 per year, posted a picture on her Instagram to flaunt the newly wedded life partners.

After the Christian wedding, the couple got married under the Hindu norms in a "marvelous and big Indian wedding." For the second wedding, Aarti was dressed in a Saree as a traditional Hindu bride, while her husband Gavin wore a blue Kurta. The companions read their vows in the presence of a Hindu priest.

Post their marriage, the couple took a honeymoon to Jamaica. On their last day on the Caribbean island, Aarti shared a picture of the two spending their time together. 

Aarti on a honeymoon with Husband Gavin at Sandals Negril 

Aarti on a honeymoon with Husband Gavin at Sandals Negril (source: Instagram)

Further, on 2nd November 2017, Aarti shared a picture of her wedding via an Instagram post where she mentioned how she was still stuck in the past.

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As of 2018, Aarti hasn't opened up about her ongoing married life. The couple is living a low-key life and perhaps doesn't want any disturbance while planning their future.

Wedding With Parents

Aarti, who has not disclosed her age, is blessed with a loving family who appears together on several occasions.

On 26 November 2016, Aarti, who has not disclosed her height, shared an Instagram picture of her family who came together to celebrate the wedding of Aarti's relative.

At her wedding, Aarti was also accompanied by her family, including her parents; on 14 May 2017, Aarti shared a collage including the pictures of her mother, grandmother, and sister; and thanked them for putting up with her. 

Recent Addition

The happiness has surely doubled with recent events as the wedded couple welcomed their first baby girl Kinaara Devi Pais on June 20, 2020.

Aarti Pole with Her Husband and Baby Girl

Aarti Pole with Her Husband and Baby Girl (source: Instagram)

The mother shared her happiness on her Instagram sharing a family photo captioning:

"I don’t think she has a future in journalism after missing her first deadline by a week ... but we’re glad she finally arrived! ðŸÂ¼

Kinaara Devi Pais made us parents on June 20, 2020..
Right before Father’s Day which happened to fall on her dad’s birthday :)

Just like pandemic pregnancy ... covid delivery was equally wild. Thanks to the amazing team at St.Mikes & Riverdale midwives - baby was born at 1:41 am - healthy and happy... and we were home 2 hours after delivery!

Thank you to our little Kinaara for pulling us ashore from the stormy waters of 2020 - we’re already feeling so much more hopeful about this year... 

#birthannouncement #9daysold"

Witnessing the anchor's successful career and flourishing family life, we cannot wait to update you guys more on her!