Beautiful Actress Kelly Carlson: Is She Married? If So, Who is Her Husband? Lesbian Rumors!

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Beautiful Actress Kelly Carlson: Is She Married? If So, Who is Her Husband? Lesbian Rumors!

Model turned actress Kelly Carlson has been a favorite star not only to her daily soap viewers but her fashionista fashion lovers fan. But beside her acting career and modeling career, none of her fan followers are aware of her married life and husband.

While few of her fans still stroll on the internet site to check truth about the existence and non-existence of lesbian rumors. 

So, exclusively for fans and follower of Kelly Carlson we are putting up details on her married life, rumors and about her husband.

Is Kelly Carlson Married? If yes, who is her Husband?

As posted by on 15th July 2015, the lady explained how she was stalked by few people who had threatened her security duly failing her martial arts skills which had ultimately taken her to a vulnerable situation.

Kelly talks about how the stalking act in the year 2012 where people had hired intruders to break into her home and tap her phone calls was, so threatening to her. 

She also mentioned about how the law enforcement had not taken her seriously where she was forced to keep an external security force for her protection.

In the process of interviewing the security personal, she stated how she landed in calling a friend in East Coast who recommended her to Dan, her present husband.

Caption: Kelly Carlson with her husband, Dan.

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On an interview posted on Youtube on 9th July 2015, she has narrated the entire scenario of the attack by the unknown intruders and about how she met her future husband.

Caption: Kelly Carlson reveals about her meeting with her husband Dan, in an interview posted on 9th July 2015.

Yes, the actress has secretly married her man and therefore has not revealed any information about her wedding date or engagement date. 

It seems like the couple held their marriage in a private ceremony where only a few of her close friends came along with few of her family members making the wedding a bit confidential. 

As no information till date has been revealed, we are compelled to assume that she is happily married to her man and might even be planning for future children.

Kelly Carlson's previous Boyfriend and Dating history?  

Before finding the right man, one must go through series of heartbreak and awkwardness. Similar is the case of the star as she has an extensive list of dating history with plenty of famous men.

In the year 1995, she has been rumored to have hooked up with Josh Hartnett, an actor and a movie producer.

As posted by Digital on 15th August 2005, the relationship has been stated to be a staged one.

Caption: Kelly Clarkson with Josh Harnett (2007).

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However, as per reports, on the couple were in a relationship for a year and just after a year they moved in their way in the year 1996. But as posted on an interview by on 15 August 2008, the lady has confirmed the love to be a planned one. She said:

"Years ago, Josh Hartnett and I did a thing for Teen People saying that we dated. We've always been friends, but it wasn't true. It was sort of a publicity stunt."

Well, as Kelly has released the statement of not being in a relationship and the entire date was a set-up, this closes down the rumor of love affair between Kelly and Josh. Currently, Josh Harnett is dating Tamsin Egerton, an English actress since the year 2012 and both the couples are expecting a baby together after the elevation of rumor with Kelly Carlson.

Similarly, in the year 2007, the break up between Kelly and  Dave Navarro, an American guitarist came into the spotlight.

As posted by Celeb marriages on 28th June 2015, the actress had been dating Tie Domi since; the source claims the relationship is still in existence.

Caption: Kelly with her ex-boyfriend Dave Navarro (2007).

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However, not a single reason and cause for break up are identified nor disclosed by the star. The star has not even officially confirmed about being in a relationship with him, so it might be a rumor or just a scandal made for the purpose of publicity or just for straining the career of the actress. Currently, the man is dating the Fox news anchor Andrea Tantaros

Well, as the actress has dated plenty of men in the past and is said to have married, the question of her being lesbian no longer exist. The rumors are the part of a celebrities life and along with Kelly celebrities including Bonnie BernsteinEmmanuelle Chriqui, and Zosia Mamet were rumored to be lesbian too.

Kelly Carlson's Net worth:

In her modeling career; Kelly Lee Carlson has worked for plenty of renowned names like  Miller Lite, Rembrandt, Oliver Peoples sunglasses and has also appeared on the cover of 2004 edition Maxim issue for the month of October.

Moreover, Kelly has acted in the theater productions and has appeared in plenty of movies including Paparazzi, The Marine, Shadowbox, Made of Honor, Player 5150. With her hard work and dedication, she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.