Mandie Taketa Close With Ex Despite Divorce! Does Her Partner Approve?

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Mandie Taketa despite divorce from her then-husband Wayne Brady, seems to be very close with each other. But she is a taken woman now, she is living her best life with her boyfriend Jason Michael Fordham.
Mandie Taketa Close With Ex Despite Divorce! Does Her Partner Approve?

Despite divorce from her then-husband Wayne Brady, Mandie Taketa seems to be very close with each other. But she is a taken woman now; she is living her best life with her boyfriend, Jason Michael Fordham. 

Mandie Taketa is a Japanese-American actress known for her role in Manband! The Movie is a former wife of Wayne Brady, an American actor and singer, and five times Emmy award winner. She is now in a relationship with Jason Michael Fordham but is still close with her ex-husband, Brady.

Separated After A Decade

Mandie Taketa and Wayne Brady were Hollywood sweethearts. Brady, who was already famous for being a comedian and an actor on the Whose Line Is It Anyway series, married the beautiful Taketa in 1999. 

Despite making their relationship public, the Hollywood lovebirds were still very low key about their marriage details. Taketa, age 45, was a resident of Hawaii and not a known figure in Hollywood.

Taketa’s privation of Hollywood fame helped the two keep their matters very private.

However, everything was going well, and the Hollywood sweets seemed to be in a good position in their marriage when they welcomed their firstborn daughter, Maile Brady, in 2003.

But shortly after the birth of their daughter, it was revealed that the actor had begun to live separately due to irreconcilable differences; however, the claims could not be confirmed, as the two were still married. 

But after four years of the news, the two finalized their divorce in 2008. 

Although the news might have led people to believe that their relationship was rocky, these two went on to prove the claims of tabloids wrong as they began co-parenting their then-five-year-old daughter together and remained good friends.

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Who Is The New Guy?

Taketa, who seems to be soft and gentle, is also a martial artist. Learning the trait from her father, she was taught to deal with hardships and failures from a young age. Even though her first marriage seemed to be a failure, she still did not give up on love. 

The Martial artist and her now-boyfriend seem to go way long back.

Given the social media of Mandie’s boyfriend, Fordham, he seems to be a photographer and an old friend of Taketa’s as one of the first pictures that Fordham shared on his social media was of Mandie and her daughter back in 2014. 

Fordham's First Picture Of Mandie (Souce Instagram)

So, it is not hard to understand how it all started, but seemingly, they seemed to have slowly evolved in love with each other after becoming friends. 

Jason seems very fond of his girlfriend, as her pictures can be seen almost everywhere on his social media posts. In contrast, it is yet to discover when their relationship started, but the two sure have been friends for about a decade now. 

The pair seem to enjoy dancing and make TikTok videos together; the sizzling chemistry shared by this attractive pair makes us ask more of it. 

However, despite having a boyfriend now, people would think the aspect of moving on would be for Taketa to cut ties with her ex-husband. However, surprisingly she can still be seen promoting his ventures and making videos with him alongside her boyfriend.

Ex-Husband And Boyfriend Living Together?

They say being married and being an enemy is better than separating and being good friends. This narrative goes on to fit perfectly with this family.

While it might be shocking for people to see how close Taketa is with her ex-husband, seeing her talk about her former husband and support him shows how much respect they had for each other in their marriage.

The same energy is reciprocated by the 49-year-old Brady. 

And more than the respect, their shared love for their daughter is what binds their friendship together. Love is the most powerful thing indeed!

Despite having nothing but friendship with each other, the two ex-pairs have people wondering if there is still something going on. 

The simple answer is, No. The two have handled their divorce as two mature adults and have forsaken the past and moved forward, maintaining a healthy friendship. And Brady is not just friends with Taketa, but he is equally tight with her boyfriend. 

Brady, during an interview, revealed how he quarantined with Mandie and Jason during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Discussing his relationship with Taketa and her boyfriend, he said, 

Oh, my God, it’s so crazy.’ No, it’s not crazy. Like I said, [you have to] spend time with the family that you love. My ex-wife is my best friend and she’s my family and her boyfriend is part of that family. So who else would I spend this time with? … I’m very fortunate that we have that type of relationship.”

Brady explains their relationship as special and how they have managed to co-parent knew their daughters together as best friends. The How I Met Your Mother star also says that Mandie, her boyfriend, and his daughter are a family. 

And Taketa’s husband does not seem to have any problem with it as well as he can be seen in their dance videos grooving and smiling.

The family of four can be seen going on vacations together and taking pictures together with all smiles. 

From left to right: Jason, Mandie, Maile, And Wayne (Source: Instagram)

Taketa and Brady have been perfect examples of how one can still forget the past and start fresh without any grudge or regrets.

Well, if this does not make our hearts warm, we are unsure what will. However, looking at the mature relationship that these two ex-spouses have maintained is inspiring, to say the least. 

The key to any happy family is making decisions wisely and maturely, finding a common love that the two partners have, and letting the love glue the family together.

We wish for this small happy family to be together always and share smiles everywhere they go. 

Mandie’s Professional Life

Taketa might be known as Brady’s first wife, but her talents reach to big screens. She might handpick roles and have done few movies, but her movies have made her stand in a position of fame. 

She might have now given her time to her personal life, but she had started in projects such as Manband! The Movie Celebrity Family Feud, where she starred with her best friend, Brady, on Untitled CBS/ Wayne Brady Project.

The Half Japanese actress might have had few appearances on screen, but she seems to have a career off-screen. Going by her Instagram that has 23.3 thousand followers, she now seems to be involved in Producing. 

While it is still hard to tell this young mother’s net worth, she seems to live a lavish life with her family, going by her social media presence. Thus it won’t be much to speculate that her net worth might be in six figures or millions.