Adore Delano Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

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Adore Delano graced the TV screens back in 2008 as American Idol contestant...During that time when the social media wasn’t quite rampant, the singing reality show was the go-to show for all age groups...No wonder, Adore stole everyone’s heart with her sassy personality went on to become a famous reality star...
Adore Delano Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Adore Delano graced the TV screens as American Idol contestant in 2008. When the social media wasn’t quite rampant, the singing reality show was the go-to show for all age groups. 

No wonder, Adore stole everyone’s heart and with her sassy personality, went on to become a famous reality star. 

Adore’s American Idol Journey - Post Show

Born Daniel Anthony Noriega, Adore moved past thousand of applicants to make it on the top singing reality show, American Idol.

Wowing the judges with her fantastic voice, she kept making past different rounds. Impressed by her voice, Ellen DeGeneres called her on The Ellen Degeneres show to sing for the audience.

Things were going well for the Azusa born crooner, but at the top-16 she got outed for the show. Even the soulful rendition of Tainted Love by Gloria Jones couldn't save the singer of age 29 from the eliminations. 

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Well, she didn’t take the setback as a failure, but a lovely experience. Wanting to share her time at the coveted program to the world, she started making spoofs and skits about her singing reality show experience on Youtube via channel named Adore Delano.

Adore wasn’t done competing in reality shows as she made her way to another one. She participated in the sixth season of Emmy winning show RuPaul's Drag Race. Her performance in the show helped her emerge as the runner up. 

Adore Delano in her dragqueen persona on 8th March 2019 (Photo: Adore Delano 's Instagram)

In 2014 her debut studio album titled Till Death Do Us Party. Encouraged by the success of the precedent album, she released her second album After Party in 2016. 

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Adore went on to establish herself as the social media star with half a million followers on YouTube and 1.7 million on Instagram. 

With numerous videos crossing million’s of views, she established her brand among the viewers.

It is her charm and talent that her ardent followers keep visiting her social media profile to watch her hair and makeup tutorials. Also, with her followers’ support and love, she managed to accumulate a sizeable net worth of $300K. 

Her Boyfriend And Family 

Adore may enjoy a fabulous professional life but her dating life is not quite rocking. Although she previously dated Australian native Kristian Francuski, she is single as of now. 

Not letting her singlehood bother her, she makes fun of herself and goes on a rant about imaginary boyfriends. 

In the absence of a boyfriend in life, one thing that supports her is her family. She is extremely close to her mom, who is regularly featured on her Instagram and YouTube. 

Sadly her father passed away in 2014, but it is his blessing that Adore and her siblings, two elder brothers and sisters, are doing well in life.