Adrian Rawlins: Married Life And Wife Only Exists On-Screen? Career Reflects

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Adrian Rawlins: Married Life And Wife Only Exists On-Screen? Career Reflects

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? 

If you have, then you must be well acquainted with this heroic character, James Potter, who is Harry's father in the franchise. The character was portrayed beautifully by an outstanding English actor, Adrian Rawlins.  

Adrian is mostly seen as a married man in his reel life, but what about his personal life?

On-Screen Romance, Adrian Rawlins Has A Wife?

Known for his character Arthur Kidd in The Woman in Black, Adrian Rawlins played the role of James Potter on Harry Potter's franchise, who romanced with Geraldine Somerville, the actress playing Lily Potter.

He is a married man to Lily and shares a child named Harry, the protagonist of the franchise. Together with Lily, Adrian played a good parent who did not raise their son but passed the best of their qualities. 

However, coming to real life, Adrian seems to be speaking contrary to his real-life, which has kept many fans guessing. He has kept his personal life at bay which questions whether the actor has a dating life or not. Even his social media and his interviews are not of help in the matter.  

Additionally, Adrian is not part of any dating rumors, with no linkage to any women in and outside of the entertainment world. His secrecy brings a mystery whether he has a wife or not in real life. 

With that level of privacygay rumors also surround the actor's personal life, as it so happens to celebrities who prefer silence.   

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Maybe Adrian's career answers the silence he holds on his personal life, as he seems to be busy with his acting works. The Stanfield Technical High School graduate has worked in the acting world since 90's and is giving his best projects one after another. Working in both TV and movies world, he has been increasing his acting resume. 

Adrian Rawlins's Life and Career at Glance

Adrian was born on 27 March 1958, in Staffordshire, England. Coincidentally, it was the same day, his on-screen character in Harry Potter series, James Potter was born.  

Graduated from the Stanfield Technical High School, he got his further education from Stoke VI Form College.  

However, Adrian made his debut on the big screen in 1979 through the film Palm BeachAfter his work there, he got a role in the 1985 war film Revolution. In the movie, Adrian starred with several actors, including Al Pacino. Back then, Adrian was just taking his baby steps while climbing the stairs of his escalating career.

During the 90's, he earned himself roles in several movies such as Mountains of the Moon (1990), Breaking The Waves (1996), Different for Girls (1997), and two of his most popular movies, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (2002), and Harry Potter (2001-2011). 

However, in 2017, Adrian was appointed as the artistic director of the East Riding Theatre in Yorkshire. He was part of board members of the theater since 2014 and yet has been leading it forward while continuing in his acting career. 

His performance in  Harbour in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself elevated his career more than his other works. But now, he is mostly known as James Potter, which has put a huge impact building his career.

Besides movies, he has also worked in various television series including Tears Before Bedtime (2000), Midsomer Murders (2003), Soldier, Soldier (2006), Mystery! (2002-2007), Masterpiece (2007-2009), Death in Paradise (2017), Girlfriends (2017) and few others. 

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