Did Afua Hirsch Secretly Married Ghanaian Descent Partner? Personal Detail

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Journalist-writer Afua Hirsch is often seen as a vocal advocate against racism and the inequality which the black people are still facing...Talking about her partner, the couple lives as though they are married and sharing the status of husband and wife. However, wherther the couple is legally married or not will be answered by this article...Parents Origin Details, Age And More...
Did Afua Hirsch Secretly Married Ghanaian Descent Partner? Personal Detail

Quick Information

  • Dating/Affair No
  • Lesbian No
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Dark Brown
  • Hair Short
  • Weight N/A
  • Height/ How Tall? N\A
  • College BPP Law School
  • High School Wimbledon High School
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Date of Birth Jun 21, 1981
  • Age 43 Years, 0 Months
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Husband/Spouse Sam
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Daughter/s 1
  • Ethnicity/Race Ghanaian-Jewish-German
  • Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Profession Writer
  • Birth Place Stavanger, Norway
  • Nationality British

Ethnicity radar on Journalist-writer-activist Afua Hirsch, she is "too white" to be an African while "too black" to be English!

The bestselling author of Brit(ish), Afua Hirsch has been a strong voice of advocacy against racism and the inequality the black people are still facing in London and other major parts of Europe.

And the roots of her quest for equality stems from a tough childhood growing up when she had to fight for her own identity.

The Stavanger, Norway native even published a book on the matter besides the protest of her partner. For the couple who has left others wondering about their marital status, Afua's bold move may have hampered their relationship to some extent.

Quench your query about whether the couple is sharing a married life and how much of smooth relationship they share now!

Partner Protest Book Concept; Married As Husband And Wife Or Not?

Afua has been involved in a committed relationship with a Ghanaian descent man named Sam. Afua describes her partner as a working-class man who was raised in Tottenham by his mother. While talking about her partner, she describes him as a child of privilege born with a silver spoon in comparison to her own life.

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However, it doesn't mean Sam's life was any easier while growing up. He struggled to overcome poverty and racism and now works as a lawyer. When Afua came up with her idea of the book titled Brit(ish), her husband-like-figure argued with the concept of the book saying,

“What kind of black person feels they actually have to write a book about being black?”

Afua had first met her partner while the couple was in their early 20s and both of them were looking to secure a career in the law. Sam shares his ancestry to Ghana as his parents had traveled to the UK from the country as first-generation immigrants.

Afua has even started her book, Brit(ish) based on an incident relating to Sam where he was working at a solicitor's office. Afua and her partner have not revealed if they are legally married, but the relationship between the couple is no less than of a husband and wife. 

Afua also shares a couple of daughters with her partner but hasn't disclosed her children's name and other explicit details. Afua mentions that her one of her daughter currently ages six and attends a school in London.

The journalist mentioned in June 2017 that her child's school had canceled a pre-planned trip to the Tower of London after the terrorist attack in London Bridge. She even expressed her concern about making her daughter aware about the concept of terrorism and its threats without actually making the child terrified on the matter.

Parents Origin Details, Age And More

Afua, who currently ages 36, was born as a by-product from the union of biracial parents consisting of a German-Jewish father and a British-Ghanaian mother.

Her mother's parents had initially moved from Ghana to Europe in 1962 for a better future for the family whereas her father's parents were Jewish-German refugees. Afua once confessed that during her childhood, she often felt abashed revealing her African origins to her peers which she now regrets. 

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Afua's parents along with a baby Afua (Photo:

During her childhood days, Afua introduced herself as Jamaican which had left her mother embarrassed. Further, she had problems growing as an half-African teen as according to her, it wasn't "cool to be African those days."

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Afua states that she would frequently be told that she was too British to be African and too black to be English, which left her feeling embarrassed by her multi-racial ethnicity.

However, now Afua has come to peace with her origins and her parents' diversity. Further, she has also traveled back to her native land (Ghana) where her parents (excluding her father) had grown up.