Is AJ Michalka Having A Dating Affair? It'd Be A Surprise If This Beauty Doesn't Have A Boyfriend

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Is AJ Michalka Having A Dating Affair? It'd Be A Surprise If This Beauty Doesn't Have A Boyfriend

AJ Michalka is a stunning lady, who has the ability to charm her audience with her beauty. It's natural for people to desire her, or just be curious about her love life.

Reports previously suggested that AJ is romancing her boyfriend, but the million dollar question is- "is it true?"

Today, let's dig in deeper into the life of AJ for the answer!

Eight Years Dating Life Ended Tragically

As per reports back on April 2015, AJ Michalka was in a long-term relationship with Keenan Tracey.

AJ and her former boyfriend Keenan were even spotted kissing each other in Los Angeles during a photo shoot on October 25, 2014.

AJ Michalka and Keenan Tracey captured while kissing in Oct. 2014 (Photo:

Moreover, AJ Michalka and Keenan went to the Halloween party along with AJ’s older sister Aly; they shared the picture from their night out together, where their joy of being together is apparent.

However, AJ Michalka has not spoken anything regarding her romantic relationship, which makes her fans are oblivious regarding her romantic unions. Moreover, both AJ and Keenan share images with other people as well, heightening the level of the confusion.

Recently on May 13, 2017, AJ Michalka shared a picture through Instagram, expressing her happiness on knowing Harry Mead for seven long years.

AJ Michalka, boyfriend Harry Mead celebrating their eighth anniversary in 2016 (Photo: AJ Michalka's Instagram)

Similarly, AJ Michalka's reported boyfriend, Keenan also shared a photo with actress Priscilla Quintana, along with a bunch of red roses and captioned the picture with a red rose as well.

Do the Instagram posts of AJ Michalka and Keenan hints on a possible split or a break-up?

Well, it remains unclear unless either AJ Michalka or Keenan come forward and open up regarding the dating affair. 

However, his 

Actor Boyfriend; Planned On Getting Married?

AJ Michalka born as Amanda Joy Michalka marched into the dating life with the new person named Joshua Pence. She shed the light on her new dating life via social media sharing the picture with her boyfriend.

She shared the glimpse of her new boyfriend quoting "Happy Camper" in Instagram back in October 2017. Even in 2017, they are going strong with their relationship.

The celebrity couple spends their time together during their vacation. On 8 April 2018, she Instagrammed the picture where the couple was having their good time at Laity Lodge with their friends.

AJ Michalka, boyfriend Joshua Pence spending their time together (Photo: AJ Michalka's Instagram)

Similarly, she actively updates on their dating life on social media but has not spoken publicly about their relationship.  On 8 June 2018, she Instagrammed the picture of her boyfriend wishing him on his birthday.

Moreover, AJ's 36-aged boyfriend also accompanied his girlfriend to the cocktail reception party in March 2018. Well, with their new chemistry that has been swirling around the internet undoubtedly hints on their soon wedding day. But at the moment, both the parties are silent on their wedding plans.

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