Amybeth McNulty Wiki: Age, Birthday, About Parents And Family Of The 'Anne with an E' Star

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Amybeth McNulty Wiki: Age, Birthday, About Parents And Family Of The 'Anne with an E' Star

"Anne With an E" star Amybeth McNulty is one of the few names that has touched a greater height at a very young age. Her acting skills and her grit and composure are the qualities that people of her age will struggle to maintain, and it might be the reason she is ahead of the people of her age.

She is an upcoming star and that is the reason why there are people who still are not aware of this actress. So, this short wiki-like bio of Amybeth McNutty is dedicated to those, who are willing to expand their knowledge about the life of this amazing young talent.

Who Is "Anne With an E" star Amybeth McNulty? Everything You'd Like To Know About Her:

An Irish-Canadian actress, Amybeth McNulty is 15 in age and celebrates her birthday on November 7 and was born in 2001, in Ireland. She ascended to fame when she landed a role as the titular figure on "Anne with an E," Netflix's resurrection of "Anne of Green Gables."

Amybeth portrays the character of Anne Shirley, a beloved Canadian orphan with some freckles, the red plaits and also the tendency to daydream.

So how did this young actress get the role of Anne leaving 1,800 others behind?

She did it by talking to the trees!

Shocking, right?

Some casting directors insist on chemistry reads as part of the audition, which is done to see how well do the actors work well together. But for "Anne With an E," they were interested to see how the actors interacted with nature.

In an interview with Radio Times, Amybeth shared how she grabbed the role of Anne as, 

“Basically I got sent the test script for the self-tape over by my agent, and I did the self-tape, I sent it over, I got some notes back, and then before I knew it I was being invited over to Toronto which was insane for me because I’d never been to Canada or anything,

She added,

“So we go over, I do two auditions in a kind of I’d say normal audition room, and then they email me saying, ‘Hey, we want to take you on an adventure.’ And I’m going, okay! That’s strange but alright. 

She concluded,

“And we go to this huge mansion with a pool and a kind of forest area, and there is a lot of flowers, and it’s so beautiful and sunny, so they have me talk to flowers, talk to trees, build homes out of twigs, and just improvise a couple of things from the actual series. It was incredible.”

Her social media posts do show how much she loves being with nature and that is something which proved to be pivotal in her having the upper-hand when it came to her getting the role.


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Amybeth McNulty's Family Life:

Amybeth McNulty has touched an appreciable height in her career, but she has not been a fan of exposing her personal details in front of the public and media, which includes the identity of her parents as well.

Nevertheless, Amybeth's mother is from Canada, and she expresses her love for her parents through various social medias.

Recently, she took over her official Twitter to share her parents' photos and wish her father on International Father's Day.

Quick Fact: Amybeth has been part of various successful TV shows and movies; including "A Risky Undertaking," "Morgan," "The Sparticle Mystery" and "Clean Break."

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Amybeth McNulty!