Is Andrew Santino Hiding Something? Gay Or Has Someone To Call His Wife?

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Is Andrew Santino Hiding Something? Gay Or Has Someone To Call His Wife?

American stand-up comedian Andrew Santino, famously known for his role in the comedy series comic I'm Dying Up Here, has many speculations about being gay.

There have been a lot of times when he included homosexual topics in his stand-up comedies, which fueled the rumors regarding his sexuality. 

Let’s find out how it actually started. 

Cause For Andrew Santino’s Gay Rumors

Andrew, who stands at the height of 1.85 m (6' 1"), was first speculated to be gay after he portrayed the character of the brother of Sally, the lead character,  in the American comedy series How I Met Your Dad back in 2014.

The rumors of him being gay caught the fuel after Santino performed a standup comedy titled Everybody was gay in third grade. Then, back in 2017, he uploaded a video on YouTube making fun of himself and calling himself gay in his childhood. 

Cheering the crowd, Andrew joked about how everyone, including him, was homosexual in their third grade. He stated that he wore sweatpants, played a recorder, and acted like a homosexual. In his own words:

"I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact, ed head kids skating backward, I was a gay man, I was gay when I was in the third grade, u were all gay in third grade."

He did not provide any distinct hints, but all the homosexual jokes he cracked made Santino more vulnerable to massive rumors. 

Apart from his rumors about being a queer, Andrew threw a bomb when he shared being in a relationship with his fellow comedian friend Chris D’Elia. The pair posted many pictures together but never dropped any hints of their affairs. 

Andrew Santino And Chris D'Elia

Andrew and Chris' candid picture. (Source: Instagram)

Santino posted a candid photo with Chris back on 24 May 2014, which he captioned:

"Right before @chrisdelia and, I beat the shit out of each other"

Even though they were not admitting their relationships, they continued to post pictures together as much as possible. However, one day Santino announced that he was getting married to Crish and starting a family through an Instagram Image. 

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In the caption, he affirmed Chris to be the love of his life and further revealed that they will tie the knots this summer on the Amalfi coast at San Cosma. He also announced that he and his partner would leave LA after the wedding and settle down in a town called Laxey.

Andrew Santino's boyfriend

 Andrew Santino announced his wedding to boyfriend Chris D'Elia on 19 April 2018 (Source: Andrew Santino's Instagram)

The internet went crazy with their announcements. Some of his fans accepted him, whereas many were heartbroken after the news.

But later, the public found out that he was just pranking his fans. 

Yes, Andrew is not gay, and he later admitted to having a wife. 

Andrew Santino’s Wife

After getting involved in tons of rumors, Andrew finally revealed having a wife. Andrew has kept his marriage life away from the media. And if we look at it, he is pretty good at keeping secrets. 

However, during a podcast episode with Whitney Cummings, he admitted that he never wanted to get married before meeting his now-wife. 

He shared how he and his wife started as a friend and did not want to get married at first. But, they eventually did get married and are having an awesome time together. 

Andrew has been mentioning his wife on his podcast but has not revealed his wife’s name. But he did clear his name from the gay rumors.

He and his wife have totally different professions, and currently, they have been focusing on building their career. 

Andrew Santino’s Career And Upcoming Live Shows

Andrew Santino, who is mostly known by people for being an actor rather than a comedian, has performed at Punch Line Philly for his three-night stint tonight. During his show there, he entertained his audience through his witty humor. 

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Andrew, who previously revealed through a Twitter post that he loves politics, opened up about how he derives his best humor. He said that it is not from any political rants but is rather mocking of himself and his life. In addition, he revealed that he loves letting audiences into his brain instead of criticizing theirs.

Well, Andrew, with his humor, has been carrying on with his shows, and now he is traveling to cities. His 2022 live show starts on June 11 in Niagara Falls, NY. After that, he is going to perform in different states.

We will surely give you more updates on Andrew Santino. Till then, stay tuned.