Anna Cathcart From Descendant 2: The Age, Birthday and Other Facts Of The Young Actress

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Anna Cathcart From Descendant 2: The Age, Birthday and Other Facts Of The Young Actress

If you are a Descendant lover, you surely know it’s every cast member, but you might not know all about their life behind the cameras. No doubt every cast member and character of Descendant is attractive, but if we ask a group of people, their favorite character might be different.

However, there would be the least people whose heart is not captivated by Dizzy, the latest new character that has joined the sequel.

The fourteen-years-old Anna Cathcart, who portrays the character of 'Dizzy,' has managed to win millions of heart with her cute appearance and pro acting skills in Odd Squad.

But, what is the first thing which comes to your mind when you see Anna portraying the character with such ease? Don’t you wish that you could be such charming and talented?

Well, there might be many questions that revolve around your mind. Today we will try to provide you some interesting facts of this cutie pie.

Anna joined the cast of Descendants 2, where she appeared as the daughter of Drizella, Dizzy. She gained the role of Dizzy after she sang the Meghan Trainor song.

Did you know that Anna is a huge fan of Descendants and Dove Cameron?

If you follow her on her Instagram, you will see many pictures of her with Descendants characters, and the majority of pictures are with Dove. Here is one of the cutest pictures of two Disney princess.

Moreover, Anna also shared a group picture with her Descendants family, including the director of Disney movie Descendants 2 Kenny Ortega.

Recently, on June 16, Anna celebrated her 14th birthday with her dear ones, and she even thanked the Disney Channel for the amazing birthday surprise via Instagram.

A little more about Anna Cathcart:

Anna was born on June 16, 2003, in Canada. Well, there is no any information about her parents and siblings but the way she is progressing in her career at this young age, it is sure that her parents are very supportive and understanding.

No doubt Anna is talented, but her family has played a vital role in her blooming career. You might not know that Anna began her acting career at the age of ten through Crayola and Campbell’s Soup commercials.

Anna later landed the role of Agent Olympia in popular children's series Odd Squad. Since 2015, Anna has been portraying the character of Olympia in the PBS show. 

In August 2015, she started to shoot for Odd Squad. We can say that the character of Agent Olympia brought a huge break in Anna's career, as she could land the role of Dizzy. Anna again played the character of Agent Olympia for 2016's Odd Squad: The Movie.

Currently, Anna is also filming a 2018 film, To All the Boys I've Loved Before.  The way Anna is making her place in the industry, don’t you think that she will attain a huge height of success within no time?

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