Ari Millen, Married to Animal Lover Wife, is a Proud Father

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Ari Millen, Married to Animal Lover Wife, is a Proud Father

Ari Millen's demanding role in orphan black has gained him huge recognition. But how familiar are you with his personal life? Let us help you.

Orphan Black star Ari Millen is married to his wife who is an animal lover, and he feels blessed to be a proud father.

Caption: Together at the Canadian Screen Awards, 2016


He's married to a lovely Canadian actress. She is none other than Kassandra Santos. Millen has a daughter Lily, whom they welcomed (in 2015 turned 1) on April 13th, 2016. He is a happily married man with a loving wife and a beautiful daughter, Lily.

In a recent interview, when asked about his proudest achievement, Ari said becoming a father was his proudest moment in his life. 

Ari Millen is happily married to his self-proclaimed animal lover wife, Kassandra Santos. Kassandra mentioned in her Twitter bio that she is a "Mother. Actor. Nerd. Animal lover. Foodie extraordinaire. Star Trek...make it so!"

Ari Millen's Short Bio:

Ari Millen was born on January 18, 1982. Millen was born in Kingston, Ontario. He is best known for his role in science fiction series Orphan Black for playing numerous clones, Mark Rollins being one of them. He has had several small roles in 'Nikita', 'Rookie Blue' and 'Played.' Recently, he starred as a guest star in the second season of Reign. He is of white ethnicity, and so is his wife.

Ari is a pure vegetarian and follows a strict diet for his body. He is committed to his diet and maintaining his body. He is a non-smoker and non-alcoholic. He loves spending time on Twitter but doesn't tweet. Whereas, his wife Kassandra, @KassandraSantos, stays active on Twitter.

Millen has a fan page on Facebook so that his fans can keep up with Orphan Black and his personal life. Millen isn't active on Instagram and doesn't have an account. Though, he has several fan pages on Instagram.

He came into the limelight from Orphan Black (2013-present). Millen won Canadian Screen Award for his role in Orphan Black. He should keep up the good work of acting as he really is a talented actor. 

 Millen plays several psycho clones on the loose on Orphan Black.