Audrey Whitby Transcends Dating Goals With Boyfriend Joey Bragg; A Look At The Cutest Relationship

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Audrey Whitby Transcends Dating Goals With Boyfriend Joey Bragg; A Look At The Cutest Relationship

Love is the most beautiful thing, and it will turn you out to the person who can do the sweetest things for your partner. We have one cute love story to share in our story. It’s about American teen actress Audrey Whitby who has done adorable things with her boyfriend of years Joey Bragg. Let’s have a glance to their love story.

One of the cutest love stories ever known:

We all admire Audrey Whitby for her acting and the humor which she put on her character. We are confident that you will love her, even more, the way she chooses to express her love for her boyfriend.

The 20 years old actress has exceeded the relationship goals in the cutest way possible. Sometimes she wishes her partner birthday in a captivating way, and sometimes she wishes her partner Valentine day with a superheroes costume theme.

More recently, she took a photo to Instagram which was pretty impressive and fun too.

They cuddle and smite each other in such a way that anyone would love to fall in love.

She loves to shares her boyfriend childhood picture.


Here 2 steal your b*tch.

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They look cute, don't they?


We know we cute.

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The pair started dating since 22nd June 2013. Talking their first met, they met while doing some sketch work for AwesomenessTV. Joey Bragg divulged the funny story in which he fell in love with the actress at first sight. He stated,

“Audrey and I met doing a sketch for AwesomenessTV. For the whole sketch, I was in my underpants, like these tighty whities, and had a parachute tied around my neck as a cape. I walked up to her for the first time and said, ‘Hi, my name is Joey, and this is what most of my body looks like.’ She was pretty much mine from that day on! Now we’ve been together for over two-and-a-half years.”

Years after cute relation, the pair is sharing the memories which they can cherish for years. Hopefully, they will be able to maintain their relationship ahead, and we would like to wish them a blissful life in upcoming days.