Former Basketball Player Jon Barry: Does He Have A Girlfriend? Or Is He Secretly Married?

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Former Basketball Player Jon Barry: Does He Have A Girlfriend? Or Is He Secretly Married?

Coming from the basketball family, Jon Barry was no different. He joined his brother and hall of fame father in the field of basketball. He is a veteran himself as he played 14 years with same passion every time he stepped on the court.

But what is he doing right now? What about his personal life? Jon has managed to keep his personal life secret.

What about Barry's Personal Life?

Jon Barry being a top professional has kept his personal life a matter of privacy. Unlike other basketball players, as like Jalen Rose who has been dating publicly. He is busy as a sports analyst for ESPN and has kept his personal life a matter of curiosity for his fans. 

Jon Barry has kept this issue as a matter of privacy and no doubt he doesn't want to reveal information about his girlfriend and his wife. But there is no evidence of Barry getting married as well. 

Being a television and radio analyst for ESPN and a veteran player, he has certainly earned millions of dollars and properties. But Jon has not revealed his net worth officially as well. We can presume he likes keeping his personal life a secret not reviling a thing in media.

Legendary Career behind him!

John Barry is a legendary player of NBA with 14 years career behind him. Barry is best known for his defensive abilities and played for various clubs like the Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets and last one being Houston Rockets. He was also the first round pick in 1992 by Milwaukee Bucks.

Currently, Barry serves his services as lead game analyst for ESPN Radio’s NBA broadcasts. Moreover, Barry works as an analyst for games that telecasts in ESPN as well as provides his analysis for news on ESPN and contains information to various shows across the network throughout the NBA season.

Moreover, Jon Barry is a brother of former NBA player Brent Barry as well as the son of Hall of Famer Rick Barry. The Houston Rockets released Jon Barry in January of 2006. The veteran shooting guard had struggled that season with various calf and foot injuries due to which and he didn’t play in 22 of the Rockets' past 25 games that season. That season was it when Barry called it a day and retired playing last game for Houston Rockets.

After 14 years of NBA career, Jon Barry retired from Houston and joined ESPN as lead game analyst for ESPN Radio’s NBA broadcasts and teamed up with Bill Walton and Tirico on ESPN games. He joined as a replacement for Steve Jones.

ESPN's Williamson called Barry "relevant, having just retired."

He did speak about working in radio and his analysis.

In radio, you have to be concise and make a point quickly since we can’t miss any action. During timeouts and other stoppages, there was more time than I anticipated to talk about the NBA and have a conversation.

Caption: Jon Barry in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show on 6th May 2015.

Barry has been doing excellent work as a game analyst and commentator. All the best for his future!