Beautiful Goldie Taylor: Is She Married? Get Acquainted to Her Family Affairs And Son

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Beautiful Goldie Taylor: Is She Married? Get Acquainted to Her Family Affairs And Son

Gone are the days when women were considered to be a housewife, doing ordinary things and only satisfying their man. But in this generation, women are competing with men in each and every field and excelling men as well in some field. Beautiful Goldie Taylor is that lady who has lead the world by her example of being an independent woman.

Goldie who turned  46 is an author who has been one of the most successful authors of all time. She is also a television personality and a journalist and has a good fan following. 

Goldie journey from being a victim of child abuse and physical abuse and now strongest and independent women has an inspiration to many.She never misses posting any wrong things that're going on and is out of people knowledge this like abuse and sensitive issues on her Twitter. Her recent post for the South Korean students says how she cares for other people.

Personal Life: Married, Husband, and Son

Like any other girl Goldie also had hoped for her married life to be prosperous and fulfilling, but it turned out to be her worse nightmare as she reviled many unpleasant facts about how she was abused by her husband.

According to her statement she has given to on 2013 she opens up on her husband dark side; she says;

It started with a couple of dime store t-shirts.  It ended with me running half naked and bleeding from our apartment.

She adds more of that incident by saying;

The first blow took me by surprise. There was another and another. If I close my eyes, I can still feel him kicking me in my side, the way my swollen lips stung. I remember being choked. Then there was darkness.

She also adds what her husband told her after biting her up;

When I woke, he was smoking a cigarette. Newport. “You ain’t shit,” 
 “Can’t even wash your man’s clothes.”
“Get up. Go clean yourself up.”

Goldie somehow manages to get out as on the same statement she said;

My clothes were torn, half naked and bleeding I kept running.  I scrambled out of the building and into the next, where I banged on a neighbor’s door.
“Please help me. I’ve been stabbed.”
There was a blanket, safety, then an ambulance. I knew that if I did not fight if I had stayed in that house that night, I was going to die. Later that night, I suffered a miscarriage. I didn’t even know that I was pregnant.

By looking at her statement and how she reviled her tragic married life and abuses we can say that her married life was full of torture.

Get Acquainted with her Family affairs and more:

Goldie who has gone through a very tough phase in her life by her partner had only one thing pleasant, and that is their children.

Caption: Joshua Taylor right and his sister Katie left in 1992.


Goldie is very much fond of her children and also post various news regarding her family life and children. Recently on her Instagram post, we can see how overwhelmed she is as she ahs turned into grandmother by her daughter and her husband.

Recently her son Joshua Taylor had to face an unpalatable moment when he tried to sell his mac book pro online and was grounded by cops for no particular reason.
Joshua who has turned 25 now soon gave statement on on 2016 saying;

Cops Cuffed Me for Selling My Own Mac

he also adds how he felt and how the cops have reacted on that moment;

They never said anything like, “Federal agents. Hands up!” It was just, “Hands up! Where’d you get this computer?” Then, “Sorry, have a good day.” They never said who they were. You always just listen to a person who has a weapon. You don’t know how they’re feeling or how their day is going. I shut up and just went with the flow. I was completely defenseless and did my best not to move.

He was soon released after some inspection and was in a shock that it happened to him for no reason.Goldie also gave her statement to on 2016 stating has unsatisfied she is as she said;

 "we believe that unidentified members of law enforcement acted without the required probable cause and used a decoy to lure my son to a public place." "Atlanta police chief George Turner's office reached out to my son, at the behest of Mayor Reed, today and we believe an internal review is underway."

Through her stands for her children, we can see how good is Goldie as a mother and is very much protective of her children.

Goldie Taylor's Short Bio:

Goldie Taylor was born on July 18, 1968, in University City, Missouri and was raised in  East St. Louis, Illinois. She attended public schools in the metro St. Louis area before moving to Atlanta and in 1986 got graduated from Cross Keys High School.

Taylor then gained admission to Emory University in Atlanta where she studied Political Science and International Affairs.

In 1990 she worked for some political campaign including the unsuccessful 1996 campaign by Guy Millner who ran as a Republican for the post of United States Senator. Taylor spent four years as a political contributor to MSNBC and wrote for Currently, she is an Editor at Large for The Daily Beast.