Bobby Cannavale Gushed Over New Born Son With Partner! No Rush To Turn Baby-Mother into Wife?

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Bobby Cannavale Gushed Over New Born Son With Partner! No Rush To Turn Baby-Mother into Wife?

If you are a big fan of comedy series, then you must have watched “Will & Grace," and Bobby Cannavale is not a new face to you all. The actor is famous for his ridiculously attractive personality and his acting skill which he puts in characters.

However, it's his professional life which he has been sharing out well. But what about his personal life? If you are among them who follow him closely, then you might be curious to know about his girlfriend of a long time.

However, the actor, who has been with partner Rose Byrne since few years has left people wondering whether he is planning to turn his girlfriend into a wife or not? Let's dig in for the facts!

Shares A Son With Girlfriend; Forethought To Make Her Wife?

Bobby Cannavale is known for his several appearances in movies and series, along with the incredible portrayal of the characters in a theater as well. Along with being famous for his career, he is also very much famous for his dating life.


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The 47 years Third Watch actor has been dating Bridesmaid actress Rose Byrne since 2012. Years after being in a relationship, the pair moved a step ahead to increase the family. Rose Byrne gave birth to her first child and Bobby’s second son, Rocco Robin on February 1, 2016.

The pair, who recently got into parenthood, celebrated their son’s first birthday. Moreover, the couple, who often share pictures of their baby boy with just some sneak peeks, shared a full look of their child on the very occasion of Rocco's birthday. Bobby took a beautiful snap with his son to Instagram.


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The actor with a staggering $8 million net worth is used to sharing pictures of his son and with his beautiful wife.


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And this can be evident in the chemistry and love that the couple share. But what might be the reason that Bobby Cannavale is still not ready to call his baby’s mama his wife? 

Nonetheless, people mistakenly called the New Jersey-bred Bobby the husband of Bryne. While Rose Bryne made her appearance in Channel Nine, then during the interview, Lisa Wilkinson and Richard Wilkins referred Rose’s long-term partner her husband.

While people have already started assuming the couple as “husband and wife,” the pair is yet to confirm their marriage.

It seems that the actor, who was previously married to actress and writer Jenny Lumet for almost a decade is taking enough time to giving adequate time to give a new name to his relationship. Hopefully, the pair will be soon working on the big news of getting married and make us all known.

As of now, we just like to wish the pair blissful life ahead with their beautiful son. Stay tuned with us for more updates!