Bradley Martyn Age, Net Worth, Height, Workout

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Bradley Martyn Age, Net Worth, Height, Workout

A born showman, Bradley Martyn is famous for his tightly-built body along with his skills to promote health. 

Bradley started bodybuilding at his teenage years and is now a globally recognized fitness expert. He's been providing his expertise to millions of his followers promoting healthy living among them.

Also an entrepreneur, Bradley has tried his luck in many fields, and the returns are worth the risk. Today, he enjoys an average net worth, which would not have been possible without his hard work and self-belief.

Bradley Martin Wiki, Age & More

Born in Los Angeles, Bradley's childhood was quite comfortable until his father committed suicide when he was a little boy of age six. After his father's tragic death, Bradley's mother was the one, who raised him and his brother, while providing them with education and influence.

Bradley started early with his bodybuilding; at the age of 15 in 2006. He trained other people and slowly began developing a fan base. 

In 2012, he founded a company named AlphaCre8tivedesigns. However, Bradley became a fitness celebrity only in 2014 when he started a YouTube channel that focused on health and body issues. To this day, he has summoned more than two million subscribers on his YouTube. 

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In 2016, Bradley opened up a gym named Zoo Culture Gym which provides coaching fitness enthusiasts. Further, he also owns a clothing line called BM Fit. His clothing line sells different products including shirts, tank tops, outerwear, bottoms, and many more.

Bradley has made a substantial net worth from his career as a fitness expert and entrepreneur. As of 2019, he is worth a million dollars.

Ashamed Of Hair? Workout & Hair

There are many, who either envy Bradley's muscles or want to be with him. Looking at his macho build, Bradley can often be seen as a badass. However, he too has his insecurities. 

Bradley Martyn during one of his workout sessions (Photo:

In March 2018, Bradley revealed that he was insecure of his hair. He also exclaimed that whenever he went out, he would put on a hat to avoid people looking at his hair. However, he didn't mention if he was going bald underneath the hat. 

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But hair apart, Bradley is still a strong man with a height of 6 feet 3 inches and weight of nearly 245 pounds. Although many accuse Bradley of using steroids, he claims all of his muscles tightened due to his intense workout and diet plan.

With Girlfriend Or Single?

Bradley is a hopeless romantic, who is often trying to start a relationship with a girlfriend. However, he has been running out of his luck. In his desperation, Bradley once even stated that he was in a relationship with his food. 

It seems like Bradley is still looking to have a girlfriend while living a single life for now.