Briana Latrise Has A Secret Baby & Husband? From Age To Net Worth

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Briana Latrise Has A Secret Baby & Husband? From Age To Net Worth

Despite being a celebrity kid, Briana Latrise never really had the privilege to use her social status or utilize her parents' (celebrity father and mother) name to boost her career. Instead, in addition to an estranged relationship with her father, Briana experienced the wrath of a boyfriend when he brutally assaulted her.

Homeless and pregnant at one point, Briana is finally getting back on track with her child as a single mother. However, it may take a while before she repairs her relationship with the father, who made promises to gift her a beautiful life but didn't act upon it. 

Boyfriend's Not Husband Material

Briana, who was dating producer/DJ Iman Omari, could never maintain a healthy relationship with her boyfriend.

The couple's affair although looked romantic on the surface, was infested with violence and assault underneath. In July 2016, bruised up Briana came forward to talk about the physical abuse she suffered from her boyfriend and husband-prospect via Instagram.

Briana Latrise gets beaten by her boyfriend, Iman Omari in July 2016 (Photo:

She Instagrammed video clips of her numerous bruises, claimed to have suffered a concussion and even vowed to press charges against her then-boyfriend. Though the fact she filed a lawsuit against Iman never surfaced out, the incident parted the two for forever. 

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However, the domestic violence suffered by Briana was nothing compared to the situation when she was pregnant with her child.

Ignored By Father, Baby With Husband Or Boyfriend?

Briana, a mother of one son, suffered extreme financial problems in 2013. And, the problems brought complications as she was pregnant at the time. For worst, Briana claimed of being homeless and ignored by her parents' father Kendu Isaacs and stepmother Mary J. Blige

The blogger accused Kendu of leaving her penniless in her pregnant state, despite him being married to the singer with a net worth of millions at the time.

Amid the trying times, Briana gave birth to a baby boy; however, she kept the identity of her child and the baby's father a secret. She didn't even reveal if the man she conceived the baby with was her boyfriend or husband. She only gushed how her father had promised to give her everything once she completed her high school and how he came fake of those vows. 

Although the father-daughter duo shared some troubling moments, it seemed like their hard feelings faded when Briana supported her dad during his divorce to Mary. 

Kendu, who demanded an alimony payment of $129 K a month, was heavily criticized for asking the money. However, Briana defended her father claiming he had a significant role in boosting Mary's career. She also argued that her father acted as Mary's manager during their marriage, so Kendu was entitled to receive the minimum payment demanded by him.

Briana's defensive approach toward the producer made everyone think that the father-daughter duo had worked on their issues and was happy to put aside their differences.

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However, the truth kicked in November 2018 when she made a derogatory gesture toward her father in front of her 50.4 K Instagram family. Briana, age 32, - quoting her dad "garbage" for not looking after the well-being of his grandson - claimed she only had three photographs of them together. 

Nevertheless, In spite of her ugly past, Briana has managed to bounce back and join the reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop. She may not be at the alluring height of her career now, but it's definitely a good start for Briana.