Charlie Barnett: Actor From Chicago Fire Has A Girlfriend? Dating Status - Taken?

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Charlie Barnett: Actor From Chicago Fire Has A Girlfriend? Dating Status - Taken?

Well, wanting to know about other peoples' lives is a common interest these days. The excitement doubles up when it's about knowing things about the celebrities and public figures whom you adore. But most of them keep their fans guessing, by keeping their off-screen life close to their chest.

Similar is the case with the Chicago Fire's actor Charlie Barnett, who keeps a low-key personal life and exhilarates his fans to know more about his life.

So, if you carry the same interest about the actor; worry not, as we dig into the life of Charlie and find out everything about him, especially the dating aspect of his life.

Is Charlie Barnett Dating A Girlfriend?

Having worked both in Television series and Films, Charlie Barnett has alongside his career been famed for his acting abilities. Amidst admiring what Charlie does onscreen, his fans are curious to know about his love life off the camera.

Well, since the actor himself hasn't addressed his relationship staus out in the open, it's baseless to comment on where he is headed in his love life. The Chicago Fire actor might be low-key dating somebody, keeping things off the media attention, or he might just be busy nurturing his career as of now, who knows?

Moreover, Charlie's life not featuring a girlfriend has had him to be speculated as a gay now and then. But, that isn't unusual these days, as every other public figure, who opts to remain mum about their love lives, have been the victim of this speculating game.

Although he remains single, he loves joking on dating topic though.

He sure has a sense of humor!

Additionally, Charlie shares a very close bond with other actors in the industry, as he keeps dedicating his Insta post to them. Here's a picture that features Bryan Craig and Christina Ochoa.


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 In another instant, he requested his fans to check out Brianna Hildebrand as he introduced her to be the "next big thang in Hollywood."


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Now, all that his fans need to do is wait, until Charlie flaunts his girlfriend through his social media accounts or better, by making a public appearance!

More About Charlie Barnett!

Charlie Barnett, an American actor who hails from Sarasota, Florida, was born on February 4, 1988. Since his father is a boat-builder, Charlie got raised in a sailboat up until he was seven.

At just the age of 6, he discovered theater and performed in various musicals and operas. Charlie later graduated from Julliard school in the drama program.

Barnett, who essays the role of Peter Mills in the Chicago Fire, the same role for which he had less than two weeks to prepare, has also worked in the Law and Order: Special Victim Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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