Check Out This Bio: FaZe Rug Of Age 20 Reveals Girlfriend In Video And It Looks To Be True

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Check Out This Bio: FaZe Rug Of Age 20 Reveals Girlfriend In Video And It Looks To Be True

These days, YouTube stars have more fan followings than any other celebrities. Among all those YouTube stars, let’s meet FaZe Rug, who certainly falls in the list of famous Vloggers.

Unlike other YouTube personalities, FaZe previously didn’t flaunt his love life, but yet gained popularity by making videos related girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, where you find nothing related to the title.

But now there has been a revelation that FaZe is actually enjoying a romantic relationship with an American model and YouTube star. Wondering who he is dating?

Worry not, as we, today, will be discussing his dating affair with his girlfriend followed by his bio!

A Mysterious Girlfriend? Who Can it Be?

When FaZe was getting popular day by day, his fans wished to have a look on his love life. He was frequently asked about his girlfriend in the comments of his videos.

Reacting the comments, FaZe shared a video on February 14, 2016, with a title “MEET MY GIRLFRIEND.”

In the video, he said that he is dating and introduced “Jenny,” grow a girlfriend toy. Throughout the video, he didn’t reveal his true girlfriend but tried to grow “Jenny” where she showed no changes on her.

Caption: A video by FaZe on February 14, 2016, where he introduces his girlfriend.

Though FaZe was keeping his girlfriend away from the camera, she was later disclosed. You can see FaZe and his mysterious girlfriend trying to lock lips in the video below.  This video was shared by his brother Brawadis on his Snapchat.

Caption: FaZe Rug and his mysterious girlfriend trying to lock lips.

This wasn’t the first time when the mysterious girl was seen in the camera. She was previously introduced by FaZe himself on one of his videos titled “At The Zoo W/ KAELYN.”

Throughout the video, Kaelyn did not show her face properly and was seen nervous. But here is the video which reveals the truth behind FaZe's girlfriend.

Caption: The truth behind FaZe Rug’s girlfriend

Well, he neither has commented nor has made any videos relating Kaelyn. It seems that FaZe has already moved on from his past affair, as he now sparks a romance with gorgeous Molly Eskam.

The duo shares their picture on social media and also makes YouTube videos together. Earlier this year in April, Molly shared an image with FaZe, revealing that they have done a new video together called yoga challenge.


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Likewise in July, Molly shared a picture with Faze on her Instagram using one of Snapchat filters.


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The pair has recently shared a video on YouTube titled “Everything You Want To Know About Us,” where they have revealed everything about each other and also tells about how they met.

However, they haven’t directly said that they are dating but have admitted that they share a wonderful bond together. The pair jokingly says that they will get married soon and one can also see them discussing the number of kids they want.

Caption: FaZe Rug and Molly Eskam talking about each other in their video “Everything You Want To Know About Us.”

Short Bio and Wiki of FaZe Rug:

FaZe, who was born on November 19, 1996, as Brian Awadis, belongs to American nationality though his parents are from Iraq. The director of FaZe Clan, FaZe has shown his parents many times in his videos, where he introduces them as Papa Rug and Mama Rug.

According to the wiki site, FaZe began his YouTube channel when he was in his first year of college. Later, he made YouTube his full-time job. However, he gained popularity after he started publishing prank videos.

"Cocaine Prank" is one of his most viewed videos which have over 8.9 million views. At the age of 20, FaZe has gained massive popularity and have more to achieve in the days to come.