Molly Eskam Bio: Everything From Her Age To Her Romance and Pranks Filled Dating Affair With Boyfriend

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Molly Eskam Bio: Everything From Her Age To Her Romance and Pranks Filled Dating Affair With Boyfriend

The American model, Molly Eskam is the social media star who can make people trail behind with her interesting videos. 

Molly Eskam has a self-titled vlog on YouTube since mid-2010, but there's more to know about the YouTube sensation than just her videos. 

Well, if you are also one of her channel subscribers, you might indeed want to know more about this teenage star, like her family background and her relationship status.

So, let's just begin with a glint at this favorite YouTube star of yours in this session, which is going to be more like her bio.

Molly Eskam's Bio: Her Family

Molly Eskam is a teenager of eighteen, who was born on September 29, 1998, in a city of Scotts Bluff County called Scottsbluff in Nebraska. The family of Molly is a five-member-menage, which consists of her father, Kent Eskam, mother, Laurie Eskam and two older brothers, Kent Eskams and Laurie Eskams.

The family of Molly had moved to California and had lived in Carlsbad when she was just a child.

By profession, Molly is a swimmer and moreover, a lingerie model with a commendable height, who has successfully gained fame as an internet personality. Her self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated about 270 thousand followers till this date and has nearly 10 million viewers.

Molly Eskam's Boyfriend: Prankster YouTuber

The eighteen-years-old model Molly is dating her boyfriend Brian Awadis, who is also a YouTube star known by his channel name FaZe Rug. The San Diego native beau of Molly is popular for his prank and gaming videos on YouTube and has more than six million subscribers on his channel.

Besides YouTube, Molly is also an active user of social media like Instagram, which she also uses to flaunt her romantic moments with her boyfriend, Brian.

Molly Eskam along with her boyfriend, Brian (Photo: Molly Eskam's Instagram)

The YouTuber's beau, Brian has also flaunted a picture of her while he recorded another model warfare video for his channel last year in July.

Molly Eskam and her boyfriend, Brian (Photo: Molly Eskam's Instagram)

Not only on Instagram, the duo is also open to display their romance on YouTube. Molly's boyfriend, FaZe Rug posted a YouTube video titled "OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | FaZe Rug" on 30 June 2017. 

The couple was seen sharing their first kiss on the video which garnered more than four million views already.

Molly has also collaborated with another YouTube superstar, RiceGum, who had a beef with Jake Paul too. Rice, who is also friend with Alissa Violet was seen with Molly on a YouTube video published on 30 August 2016, where three of them talked about their ex-partners. 

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