Chelah Horsdal Hinting On Being Married Or Just A Pose With On-Screen Partner?

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Chelah Horsdal Hinting On Being Married Or Just A Pose With On-Screen Partner?

The life of a public figure is always very mysterious. People often are very keen to know what goes around in the life of the celeb they love and are thus always waiting for any information from anywhere.

Chelah Horsdal also falls in the same category, as this "When Calls the Heart" actress, who shared the screen with rumored couple Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing, is also loved by many, thereby grabbing the attention of plenty of people across the globe.

She has posted pictures with some interesting captions on her social sites, and that has often led people to speculate if she is married in real life.

So let us find out if she is a married woman and has a partner in life or is just married on screen.

Is Chelah Horsdal Married In Real Life Or Just Reel Life?

Chelah Horsdal is someone who has been very successful in her career. But while people enjoy watching her works, she has also grabbed the attention of a lot of individuals and that attention and interest mainly surround her dating life, as people are keen to know if she is a married woman beyond the cameras.

Chelah has portrayed a married woman in some of her projects and has been able to portray a wife successfully in the cameras.

Moreover, she and Rufus Sewell played in "The Man in the High Castle," and she and Sewell are also seen to have a great bonding off screen as Chelah's social posts suggest.



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Sewell also explained what it was like playing Chelah's husband in "The Man In The High Cast." He said,

For me, one of the great pleasures of the first season and the second season is the fact that I got wonderful actors playing my family. It’s great doing scenes with Quinn and Chelah is a wonderful actress. Our story continues and it goes quite deep; there is a lot of her in the second season. I am just thankful that they cast her the way they did; When the casting and the chemistry is right, it is very easy. The fact that there is a certain trust between us, that is inherent.

But the people often speculate if the on-screen partners are also a real life couple and share a husband-wife relationship, as the two are known to possess the essence of a romantic bonding between them.

However, these are all limited to rumors until and unless either one of them affirms it.

Moreover, back in 2012, she tweeted that she despised online dating and having a boyfriend via the Internet.

That also shows that she was not dating anyone back then. Perhaps, she just loves enjoying the limelight in her career.

So let us hope that the actress comes forth and addresses the fans' curiosity about her marital life!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Chelah Horsdal:

Born on June 19, 1973, in Vancouver, Canada, Chelah Horsdal is a Canadian actress best known for her roles in successful series' like "Hell on Wheels," "Stargate SG-1", "Level Up," "Arrow" and many others.

She also shared the screen with Aussie actor Daniel Lissing and his rumored girlfriend Erin Krakow in the famous series "When Calls The Heart."  This five ft 9 inches tall beauty began modeling in locally shot commercials and TV shows at a young age of 18, that helped her to later make a great name for her in the industry. 

Chelah Horsdal has been someone who has not been shy about putting her everything on her projects being successful, and as a result, fans across the entire planet enjoy this actress gracing their TV sets.