Age of Chip Hailstone From Life Below Zero! His Survival Journey with Children

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Age of Chip Hailstone From Life Below Zero! His Survival Journey with Children

Survival indeed is an arduous task; the only difference is people find ways to make it look interesting.

While it's difficult for many of us to even imagine how life would be without the proper airconditioning facilities in a well-furnished house, there are people, living in places with the temperature that falls under zero degrees. 

Chip Hailstone from 'Life Below Zero' is the living example, as his survival journey in Alaska is worth having a glance at.

Let's see through Chip's life, as we lay out his journey down below.

Chip Hailstone's Journey, Surviving in Life Below Zero:

We often dream of visiting places just to explore the nature, and it's beauty. But, what are the odds that one would end up staying in the very place after paying a visit, for rest of their life? Well, it sure doesn't sound practical to us; however, Chip Hailstone did what is unimaginable!

Chip went to visit Alaska 29 years ago from Kalispell, Montana and surprisingly enough he never left. Well, Chip didn't initially plan to stay, but the opportunity to hunt was what appealed to Chip.

Moreover, Chip, who prefers calling guns his tools and hunting his way of life, grew up hunting and fishing. Additionally, he is a skilled hunter who uses his antique rifle, bow & arrow, and even rocks or his bare hands to hunt. 

Chip now lives in the North West of Alaska on the Kobuk River with his wife, Agnes and seven children. Chip and his wife Agnes are 46 and 44 years of age respectively.

Caption: Hailstone's one large family.

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Moreover, depending on the weather and available materials, Hailstone family moves seasonally to track down the best hunt. The trips at times can range up to 90 plus miles away, and the family set up tents on the ice or in the snow. Everyone is then involved in keeping the family alive: fishing, skinning, hunting, tanning, and crafting. Also, they use every single bit of the animal, to barter and trade. Additionally, their neighbors are Sue Aikens and her family.

Furthermore, some of Chip's older daughters were homeschooled, but when they’re not hunting, they go to a local school in Noorvik.

Despite the challenges of surviving in the wild, Chip and Agnes are positive about the benefits that their surrounding has to offer them. Chip expressed,

“We get to spend a lot of time with our family. We know where our food comes from and that it’s fresh. We get to continue a tradition that’s been upheld for thousands of years. Even if the girls grow up and want to do other things, they’ll always be able to come back to Alaska and live off of the land. They know how to hunt for their own food, build, and many other skills needed for survival,” 

He further mentioned,

“We have the luxury of being able to do what we want to do when we want. We have no bosses telling us what to do every day because we are our own bosses.”

Well, that's another way to look at life!

Chip and Agnes Hailstone's Net worth:

The Hailstone couple, who has been living a challenging life in Alaska for around 30 years now, has been one of the favorites amidst "Life Below Zero's" viewers. Well, the reality television personality couple has vested their hard work living off the land for years, and it indeed has paid them well, as they have collectively accumulated a net worth of $ 100k.