Chris Violette Is Not Married And Has No Wife! How's That Possible?

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Chris Violette Is Not Married And Has No Wife! How's That Possible?

Some people have goals to get married, have kids, and start a family while there are a few who have been living life solely focused on their career.

Well, one of the few sharing the goal of focusing on the career is the actor Chris Violette, who is famous for portraying the legendary Blue Ranger from the Power Rangers S.P.D.

The 36-year-old has a very established career and is often in the limelight for his profession but his dating affair is entirely contradictory to that.

Don't believe us? Read on and see for yourself!

Chris Violette's Dating Status: Married or Single?

The society that we live in still questions people if they are not married after they reach a certain age and well, the 36-year-old actor, Chris Violette is no different. The good-looking actor is in his mid 30's, and his fans are tired of speculating if the actor has a wife or a girlfriend.

Chris is very secluded when it comes to his dating affairs and has hardly been linked to anyone so far, not because he's unattractive; his amazing looks is undoubtedly enough to drive anyone crazy.

Well, take a look at the shirtless picture the handsome hunk if you doubt what we say!


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Given his lack of dating affairs, people often assume the actor to be gay. But the matter remains unclear until any official confirmation from the star himself.

Previously, back on 11 December 2016, the actor caused quite some stir when he posted a picture of a baby girl on his Instagram, leading his fans to assume that girl to be his daughter.


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While his fans congratulated him for having a daughter, the actor did not clear out if she indeed was his daughter, piloting his fans to a whole new height of curiosity.

Chris Violette's Bio:

Chris Violette was born in Canada on May 29,1981. Despite being a graduate in business marketing, Chris decided to pursue his passion for arts and entertainment. He started that with modeling and, one thing led to another and before he knew it, he was taking acting classes.

Chris rose to fame for portraying the role of Sky, the Blue Ranger in the famous Power Rangers S.P.D. Besides that, he has also been in various TV series, like Flashpoint, Lost Girl, Saving Hope, Bitten, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Apart from the above TV credits, the actor has been in one of the most acclaimed productions of Hollywood, Star Trek: Discovery, where he played the role of Britch Weeton, a Bridge Officer of the USS Shenzhou.

The actor's family members are secluded much like his dating affairs, but he did share a picture with his sister on his Instagram once.


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Well, judging by the image, good looks do run in his family, don't you think so?