Cymphonique Miller Has Any Dating Affair or Just Too Busy To Have A Boyfriend Lingering?

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Cymphonique Miller Has Any Dating Affair or Just Too Busy To Have A Boyfriend Lingering?

Cymphonique Miller, who is most knows as Cymphonique has made a career out of singing, songwriting, and acting. People around the world have become a great fan of her talents and skills, thereby extending her success to top heights.

But is this beautiful lady involved in any dating affairs? Or is she just too focused on taking her career forward with no personal distractions? Let us find out.

Has A Boyfriend Or Has Her Mind Fully Focused On Her Career?

Young and beautiful Cymphonique has taken giant strides in her career which is why she is famous all around the globe. But while talking about her relationships, she seems less interested in a boyfriend, which is evident through her social medias. 


Some chase boys... some chase paper.

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The caption for the post kind of elaborates her will to rather chase her career than the boys. 

Well, it seems to be a long time she's away from the boyfriend business as per her tweet back in 2010.

But that doesn't mean that she does not like boys. Rather she has given a small hint as to what kind of guys she likes.

She was also once linked with dating fellow musician Jacob Latimore. But the connection between them was only limited to making music together. No official statement came forth from the both. 

Caption: Cymphonique ft. Jacob Latimore: Nobody Like You (Published on Nov 13, 2012)

Moreover, she has not been vocal about her having a love affair with anyone which indicates two things, either she is single and is fully focused on her career, or she is not willing to share her private stuff to the fans. Whatever it may be, we can hope she reveals something soon.

A Short Bio Of Cymphonique:

Born on August 1, 1996, in  San Francisco, California, United States, Cymphonique aka Cymphonique Miller is an America actress, singer, and a songwriter who has been able to make a good name for her at a relatively younger age. Speaking of her parents, she is the daughter os Master P and even though she was born from Master P's extramarital affair, Sonya Miller is said to be her mother. She also is the sister of Romeo Miller. 

While many fans wonder what her ethnicity is, some sources claim her to have mixed ethnicity, African-American from her father's end and Filipino, Spanish from her mother's end. Also, having had a successful journey in her career with her singing and acting skills, she surely has accumulated a hefty sum of money. However, she is yet to provide an official statement regarding her current net worth.