DC Pierson Is Not Gay! Has Girlfriend Stories To Share

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DC Pierson Is Not Gay! Has Girlfriend Stories To Share

American comedian DC Pierson has shared about his dating life in such a way that people feel that he has shared enough. But still, he has kept all the vital information regarding his girlfriend close to his chest. If you want to know, how he has successfully mastered the art of making people feel that he has revealed enough; then keep reading.

DC Pierson's Dating Stories With Girlfriend

DC is an actor as well as an author of the book The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To published back in 2010. His first novel revolved around a gay character which was living in fear of being found out. Although he had penned down the complexities of living in a closet, it doesn't resonate with himself in his real life.

Moreover, he does have girlfriend stories to fend the rumors which could have arisen due to his decision of writing a novel involving gay and lesbian characters. 

The first girlfriend he ever had was dating somebody else while they started to fool around. Further, they also agreed upon arbitrary rules so that their actions would not be counted as cheating. He felt terrible as the boyfriend was his friend too. 

Further, Dc has timely mentioned about his girlfriend in various tweets without revealing the identity of his girlfriend. 

My girlfriend and I are basically a 24-7 Weird Al for our cats so I have practice.

Moreover, he even mentioned that his girlfriend happens to be big red radical fans, in one of his tweets too.

My girlfriend is a big fan. He had kind of a cool story even back then. I've been into a buncha bands that are culturally dismissed

Likewise, fantasy is a part of a creative process, and DC too shared his fantasy with a great girlfriend in an interview back in 2016.

My mental LA never grew much beyond that, but I nevertheless became certain that some day I would live there, and that on holidays I would drive to Phoenix, where I’m from, with a great girlfriend in a nice car (if not literally a convertible, then spiritually a convertible) on a sunny day while I wore a white button-down with an insouciant-but-not-unclassy number of top buttons undone.  I’m now realizing this fantasy was scored by the song “Boys Of Summer” by Don Henley.

Further, he even shared his fantasies becoming a reality as,

It’s been almost seven years since I moved here. I often take those car trips back and forth to Phoenix like I’d imagined, accompanied by a girlfriend more specifically wonderful than my college-era projections could’ve accounted for. “Boys Of Summer” is great on that drive.

Lately, he has distanced himself from mentioning about his girlfriend; so, his relationship status is bemusing. He could be dating the girlfriend he mentioned in the interview, but they could have parted ways too.  

He could be single and could be enjoying his singlehood. Or else he could also be romancing a girlfriend too in secret too, who knows! 

But arriving at any conclusion seems to be meaningless in the absence of his statements regarding his love life.

Meanwhile, he even gushed a fact about his family via Twitter as,

I come from a family of winners. My second cousin won her school salsa-making contest. It's a dynasty.

DC Pierson's Personal Life At Glance

American Comedian DC Pierson was born on 27 December 1984, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. His real name is Donald Charles Pierson IV, but he is famous as DC Pierson. He went to Mountain Pointe High School and later he acted and performed in a short-form improv group. 

He also attended NYU and joined sketch comedy group called  Hammerkatz NYU in the fall of 2003 and in the duration of three years he worked as assistant direction as well as director. Finally, he graduated in 2007 with a degree in writing for TV form  NYU's Dramatic Writing Department. 

He even appeared in NBC's Community along with his Derrick Comedy co-star Donald Glover. His notable works are Mystery Team (2009), The To Do List (2013) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).