Dwane Casey Wife, Contract, Net Worth, Family

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Dwane Casey Wife, Contract, Net Worth, Family

Former NCAA player and coach Dwane Casey is the former assistant and head coach of the NBA professional basketball team Toronto Raptors.

He served the Toronto Raptors for nine years between 2011-2018, before exiting on 11 May 2018.

Nevertheless, within a month, he was hired as the head coach for the Detroit Pistons on 21 June 2018. His support for the team with tactics and techniques earned him the title of Coach of the Year in 2018.

Net Worth & Salary

Because of Dwane's impressive games and college stats, it wasn't hard for him to enter the coaching scene of the game. So, Dwane started working as a coach very early on.

As a coach for more than two decades, he led multiple teams like Seattle SuperSonics and Dallas Mavericks leading them into the NBA finals in 1996 and 2011.

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While he only joined the Detroit Pistons in 2018, his contract is set at a five year deal with a whopping $7 million amount per annum. The new salary is exactly double than the income from his previous contract.

Interestingly, his net worth is also quite large. The rising coach is reportedly in possession of $9 million in total income and assets.

Dwane Casey Wife 

Dwane got married to his beautiful wife Brenda Casey in 2006. For a fact, the duo shares 20 years of age gap; while Dwane is 42 years old, his wife age is 42.

Nevertheless, the duo has succeeded in building a lovely relationship and also a happy family. They are parents to young Justine Casey (age 11) and Zachary Casey (age 7).

Dwane Casey with wife Brenda Casey and children Zachary and Justine in 2018 (Photo: Official Instagram of the Toronto Raptors)

With love, Dwane and his wife are relishing their married life. So affectionate they are to each other that Dwane even mentioned his wife while giving a speech during the 2018 NBA Awards Ceremony.

Family, High School & College

Dwane Casey was born on 17 April 1957 in Indiana.

Living in a small home town at Kentucky, his parents needed to work and moved to Indianapolis due to the shortage of jobs in their hometown. Since he was too small at the time, he spent most of his early childhood with his grandparents in Morganfield.

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It was in Morganfield, where his uncles taught him to play basketball. Learning the game at an early age, Dwane went on to play basketball for his high school team.

A former standout player of Union County High School, he then played for the University of Kentucky where he recieved his college education.

The once high-skilled player has now rested his shoes. When not coaching, he relaxes with his family, visiting his siblings Donnie Casey, Nadine Casey and their children every once in a while.