Is Eilidh Barbour Secretly Married? Believed Single And Turning Heads

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Eilidh is one of the most famous ... who works in... aged..., she has been significantly quiet for a long time about her personal relationships. however she currently seems to be dating...also she has some marriage conditions as well.
Is Eilidh Barbour Secretly Married? Believed Single And Turning Heads

The Scottish television presenter and reporter known for her association with BBC sport and BT sport brings a revelation into journalism and attracts many pairs of eyes. Barbour, age 35, has managed to keep up with her professional duties while maintaining a low-key figure in her personal life. With not many rumors, it would be a safe assumption to believe that the journalist is single.

However, Eilidh, with a beautiful face and an even better personality, must have met some admirers in her way. And going by her social media, it seems that the presenter might have something under her hat!

Secretly Married, Single, Or With Partner?

With a preference to maintain a low-key status regarding her personal life, Eilidh has managed to quiz her fans about her private life. No ring in her fingers to show for, and no news whatsoever regarding her marriage, it would be safe to assume that the journalist is not yet married.

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However, the reporter has raised quite a few eyebrows when it comes to her dating life. With an uncanny relationship status, it was much believed that Eilidh is still single.

However, some tweets by the BBC’s golf coverage presenter herself have been a groundbreaker in terms of her dating status. On 29 February 2012, the BBC star wrote a tweet ensuring that she does have a boyfriend.

“My boyfriend has just described me as 'sturdy'. Not quite sure what to make of that....”

However, Eilidh was careful not to disclose his identity. The face behind that mysterious man might have been revealed, and all credits go to the girl herself. Eilidh uploaded some pictures on Instagram on several occasions, where she is seen enjoying her holidays with a man.

Eilidh Barbour enjoying her holidays alongside a man. (Photo: Eilidh Barbour''s Instagram)

It might be safe to assume that the guy in the picture is her boyfriend after all.

Golf Runs In The Family: Requirement For Future Husband?

Eilidh, a BBC golf reporter herself, has the game running in her family as well. While other families get outs to include shopping and dining, the Barbour family plays golf on their outings.

Eilidh gets captured, taking a swing. (Photo:

Eilidh mentions the love for golf in her family in an interview given to The Daily Record in 2016,

“My dad, Wattie, has always played golf, then my mum took it up as well.It was because my mum and dad were playing that I started playing myself.”

She also mentions why she finds the game so beautiful.

“I was probably about 19 or 20 when I started to take golf more seriously. I love being outside so sometimes I head out and play some golf on my own, just to get out in the fresh air. You walk for miles but it doesn’t feel like it because you are concentrating on something else. I love the competitive aspect, too.”

Her unparalleled love for golf might be a criterion that she looks for in her future husband. With family traditions to follow, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Eilidh is seen marrying somebody from within the game.

A shout out to all her fans, Start playing golf!