Ellen Rucker Wiki: At 41, Has Two Married Life and A Divorce To Look At

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One failed attempt does not mean the stop to what you have been seeking for.  So goes to Ellen Rucker, her one failed marriage was never the end to find the love in her life. Ellen Rucker's kind of love surely took time to come in her life with many twists of life. 
Ellen Rucker Wiki: At 41, Has Two Married Life and A Divorce To Look At

Single failed attempt does not mean the end of what you are seeking. So goes to Ellen Rucker: her one failed marriage did not stop her from finding the love of her life. With many twists in her life, Ellen Rucker's kind of love surely took time to come. 
So what kind of twists did Ellen Rucker have to go through to find the love she deserved? Roll down your cursor to find out—who knows maybe you can relate to her love story! 

Ellen Rucker’s College Romance to Marriage!

Ellen Rucker, a doctor of chiropractic medicine, had made up her mind about her career since her early college days. Varsity cheerleader for four years, she found everything she asked for: a successful career, and a beautiful romance at the University of North Carolina. She had her college romance with her then sweetheart, Vince Carter, who later became NBA player for Dallas Mavericks.

Every romance reaches a phase where the couple feels that the love is for whole life. For Rucker, the moment came after the graduation when she married Vince Carter.

But romance stopped its wheels on Rucker’s life and took a completely different road—a road that headed for divorce instead. The couple got divorced in 2007. You might wonder if the duo’s daughter, Kai, might have become the silent victim of her parents’ separation.

Well, fear not, Rucker and Carter stepped maturely as parents regarding the matter, and, interestingly, applied healthy co-parenting setup for their daughter. The fact that they did not share bitter feelings towards each other as most divorcees do was a great help. The duo remained a beautiful example of after-marriage-great-friends.

Ellen Rucker Found Love Again!

We all know that one failed marriage does not mean that your share of love is taken from you. Rucker knew the idea all along and proved it by marrying her boyfriend of seven years, Bakari Sellers, in the summer of 2015.

Ellen, with her daughter Kai from her former marriage, has a happy family. Her husband, Sellers, does not miss any chance to surprise and create beautiful memories with his wife and step-daughter.

Love comes the hard way for many, and all it took for Rucker was two marriages and a divorce.

Ellen Rucker’s Short Wiki:  

Ellen Rucker was born to parents Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Ruby Rucker. The youngest child, Rucker was a perfectionist since her childhood. Now, she stands as the proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Kai Michelle, who is often referred to as a smaller version of herself.  

After her college days, Rucker practiced medicine in her hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina for eleven years at Rucker Chiropractic to kick off her career. Her current husband, Bakari Sellers, boasts a successful portfolio of attorney and politician serving in South Carolina’s House of Representatives.

As for her finances, we can only guess that the height of her career must be earning her a handsome sum, for she has not revealed the exact figures of her net worth yet.