Asian Ethnicity Actress Kristin Kreuk Leaving Acting Career? Does She Plan to Getting Married or Something Else?

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Asian Ethnicity Actress Kristin Kreuk Leaving Acting Career? Does She Plan to Getting Married or Something Else?

The Canadian-born actress Kristin Kreuk is rumored to be leaving acting for good. However, people are just confused on the reason that made her go for it. Does she have a contemplation on taking a different career or is she leaving acting because of her love life issues? Well, let’s just jump right into it and know all about it.

The real life beauty of ‘The Beauty And The Beast’ is all set to end her acting career in a matter of five to seven years. As bizarre as it sounds to leave a prolific acting career, she has something better in her mind already. The 33 years old actress is thinking of taking a permanent role behind the camera i.e. in the production line. She says,

"I'd like to be out of acting and into producing within the next five or seven years. I don't know how realistic that is, but I'm certainly working towards that."

She further continued her explaining,

"I learned a new aspect of making a TV series and that's so exciting. I want to pitch and make shows and now, when I get the free time, I meet other people and we discuss ideas for new TV series. I want to be creating something.”

This clears out Kristin Kreuk who shares an Asian ethnicity is not leaving her acting career because of her love life which seems to be quite peaceful with the long-term boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, a fellow actor, and musician. The couple has been dating from a long time since Sep 2004. 

Although trying to remain a low profiled Canadian couple, both can be seen together walking down the streets. In 2010, Just Jared captured the couple together walking their dog in downtown Vancouver, Canada, which is also the birthplace of Kristin Kreuk.

Caption: Kristin Kreuk with boyfriend Mark Hildreth walking their dog in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010.


They haven't taken any opportunity to disclose there are plans of getting married and be in the bond of husband and wife either, but if they do, we shall know.

There have been no records of Kristin being pregnant either despite being questioned about her pregnancy many times in different social media. And she has not bothered to reply to them which can be taken as ‘no’ for an answer.

Kristin Kreuk’s hasn't highlighted anything about her current project as her famous longtime TV series ‘The Beauty And The Beast’ in which she was started since 2012 aired its final episode on September 15, 2016. She currently stands strong with a net worth of $5 million which she accumulated throughout her career working on various TV series and movies.