Faith Jenkins Age 41 Is Married; Furtive Husband & Family Details - Revealed!

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Faith Jenkins Age 41 Is Married; Furtive Husband & Family Details - Revealed!

Judge Faith Jenkins is not only the host of the daytime court show but also is a tough prosecutor. Her legal career extends from working as a litigator lawyer to the New York City prosecutor.

Now she appears in her own show resolving the conflicts between people and cases. Faith not only has her resume filled with legal cases but also is a former Miss Lousiana 2000. Adding to it, she was also placed first runner-up in Miss America 2001.

Apart from her rising career and one of the hot shot in the entertainment world, Faith shares an undying and secretive relationship with her husband. She has been married, and shares love with her other half.

But the irony is she prefers keeping it under her wraps. Despite her efforts in sealing her love life details, here are few insights on her personal life including her family and salary details.

Secret Married Life With Husband; Family And Salary Details 

Judge Faith, who has also been a legal counsel for many television series and networks, including MSNBC, has her love life apart from all the court issues. She has been married and shared the romance with her husband.

But with her rising popularity, Judge Faith prefers to keep her love life off the radar for her admirers. She has not revealed the identity of her husband just yet. It is not known when she exchanged the wedding vows with her partner.

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Well, she probably might have had a secret wedding with only a few guests, family and close friends. She sure is notoriously silent when it comes to revealing her love life details.

Faith, who is at the age of 41, has neither opened up about her romance in any of the interviews till date nor has she made any public posts relating to her married life. Well, she sure is determined to keep it a mystery.

Judge Faith Jenkins attending the LA Premiere Of Award-Winning Documentary 'A Billion Lives' at ArcLight Hollywood. (Photo:

Even though she hardly talks about her married life with her husband, she often shares posts relating to her family. She does not miss out on wishing her father and mother on their special day.

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Through the posts, she even appreciates the support and courage she has gained from her mother while sending out special love for the mother's day special. Adding to it, she even revealed how glad she is to have her dad in her life who has never forsaken his duties towards his daughters. She wished him Father's day with the special post.

Well, Judge Faith, who has an average salary of $ 60,174, sure is tough and strict, but underneath it, she seems to have love which she shares with her family. Indeed sh sure is a person with good heart and rising career that earns her net worth of $2 million.