Gage Edward Is On The Verge To Break Up With Jeff Lewis? Baby Arrival Has Created Tension

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Gage Edward Is On The Verge To Break Up With Jeff Lewis? Baby Arrival Has Created Tension

Flipping Out's Gage Edward seemed to have faced some odds in the relationship with his reality TV series partner Jeff Lewis. The arrival of a baby girl in their lives should have brought the couple closer, but instead brought some cracks in the ongoing relationship between them.

So, is the couple verily on the verge to call it a split with each other?

We will find all those details very shortly as we proceed knowing the current happenings from the relationship of Gage and Jeff.

Does The Relationship Of Gage Edward With Jeff Lewis Have Future?

Gage welcomed a baby girl Monore Christine Lewis along with his gay partner, Jeff in October last year. But the baby bliss indeed proved to be a short-lived happiness as they seemed to be in sort of some dispute soon after the arrival of the new member in the family.

Lewis even flaunted some adorable pictures of the cute little angel through his official Instagram account, but Gage was missing in all those posts which apparently explains the existence of them being in bad terms.


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The relationship was found on the verge of break up when Gage confronted media and said,

"That first night she came home and she screamed, that started the next three months of holy s***, what did we do?"

Meanwhile, Jeff also forwarded some offensive words regarding the fight between them.

 "We're brewing for a huge f***ing fight."

However, the fire between the two appeared to vanish when Jeff later spoke to Parenting OC and hinted that he was still in connection with Gage. He said,

"As a parent, you just can’t do it all ...  It forced Gage and I to reevaluate." 

Moreover, Jeff has also jested relating his partner and mentioned him in an Instagram post. The post apparently showed that he was displaying his love and affection for Gage.


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So, these all explain that the two are still in connection with each other and are now undoubtedly focused in parenting their baby girl. With this fact, his fans can still hope that the couple would probably escalate their relationship.

In the past, there were even few words from Jeff, which vividly indicated that the duo would be tying a knot.

Jeff had earlier spoken to Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" and gushed that they had nuptials in their relationship.

"I don't know. I don't know. I mean it's gonna happen — eventually — right? It'll happen. It'll happen."

Back in August 2016, he talked to Access Hollywood and shared that he has been given a legal advice. He told:

 "I just found out, my attorney said that [Gage] is now eligible for palimony because it's been seven-and-a-half years," 

It was later he spoke of the upcoming marriage as he said:

  "I'm on the hook anyway, I might as well get married."

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Gage Edward:

Gage is a low-key personality who has always preferred to hide much of his personal details including his birthday and origin, due to which the family history of this reality star remains under the wraps.

Nevertheless, Gage is reportedly fourteen years younger than his gay partner Jeff who is 47 in age, which suggests that he has currently reached the age of 33.

Moreover, Gage Edward is the business manager on the Bravo TV series called "Flipping Out." He merely manages the business affairs and assists in the daily operations of his partner.

The work of Gage thence includes coordinating licensing and endorsements as well as scheduling design consultations.