The McCarthys' Gay Character Jake Lacy's Dating Someone? Or Is He Married? Who is His Girlfriend/Wife?

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The McCarthys' Gay Character Jake Lacy's Dating Someone? Or Is He Married? Who is His Girlfriend/Wife?

People might think that having a meaningless relationship or hook-ups, is very glorious but after a given period you see that it is morose. A realization made by the ‘Obvious Child’ actor Jake Lacy. Now he is pursuing a stable relationship, learn everything about it below.

Unlike his character in the CBS pilot series of ‘The McCarthys,' he is married to his special girl. Who is she? Learn about her identity, their married life and much more about their relationship here.

Personal Life: Girlfriend, Dating or Married, Wife? 

He does not have a girlfriend, but before the ladies get their hopes up, he is still off the market. He is married to his current wife of about a year according to an interview on February 11, 2016, with People.

They got married on August 22, 2015, in a secret ceremony in Dorset, Vermont but he revealed only in February 2016. He was secretly married to Lauren Lacey for months now but has been keeping it a secret and considers married life much different to single life. Lacy said;

“It feels like you got a person who always has your back, even more so than when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” 

Here is the post made by his wife on her Instagram on their Happy first Anniversary. 


Happy first @misterjakelacy ?

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His Wikipedia suggests that his wife full name is Lauren Deleo Lacy who goes by the username of laurengabriella on Instagram if you want to look her up. She is also a native of Boston like hubby, Jake.

His Wife!

He had opened up in an interview with Cosmopolitan in February 2016 about his Valentine plans every year. His birthday also lies on Valentine’s Day and on Saturday he likes just to stay at home and make pizza.

Having said that he also surprises his wife quite often. He just gets her something special which keeps it low-key but at the same time has to get a gift in return, being his birthday and all. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of a husband he is? Well, he has himself said in his statement published on on early on 2016, where he said about his role in the series ‘Girls’ as;

“There’s a part of me that really enjoys playing these roles of good husbands or boyfriend material because that’s the type of person I hope exists in the world.” 

The reason why his wife seems to look so happy with him is finally known as he is a full husband material. No wonder she is so happy with him like in the photo below.


In good #deadandcompany ??????

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His Dating History: Gay?

We do not have much information about Jake’s dating history, and he has not reportedly seen with anybody in the past. However, he had revealed in the same interview with Cosmopolitan that before he was married to Lauren he only had one decent date and that too had a dead end. He was tired of randomly hooking up in a party scene.

So, despite some of his gay roles in projects like 'Girls.'

Jake Lacy is not gay. He now lives a happily married life with wife Lauren.