Pro Golfer Gerina Piller Measurements, Net Worth, Husband Love, Facts

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Pro Golfer Gerina Piller Measurements, Net Worth, Husband Love, Facts

Gerina Piller is everything a girl can aspire to become. On top of being a top-notch pro athlete, she's also a supportive wife to her golfer husband and equally loving mother to their baby boy.

Her parenting skills at home come second to none. On the green though, using her devastating golfing talents, Gerina has amassed a staggering net worth; her earnings is now at an all-time high. Read along to learn more including her body measurements, height & weight!

Exuberant Married Life With Golfer Husband; Welcome Baby Boy

By the time Gerina and her husband, Martin Piller got introduced to each other in 2009 at a golfing event involving NASCAR drivers, both had turned pro.

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Despite not hitting it off from the start, the golfing pair eventually learned to like each other. A year into dating, Gerina and her husband got engaged. The proposal couldn't have been more golf-friendly -- she found the engagement ring while helping her husband find a golf ball in his bag.

With upcoming tour schedules, the engaged duo decided to hurry their wedding and got married in January of 2011. Nine years on, Gerina and her husband, Martin's relationship dynamic changed with the addition of a baby boy named Ajeo James "AJ" Piller.

Gerina and husband, Martin look ecstatic after welcoming their bundle of joy in 2018 (Photo:-

Currently, on maternity leave, since giving birth to AJ on 26 April 2018, the Rosewell New Mexico-native is undoubtedly eager to hit the green.

Gerina Piller's Mouth-Watering Net Worth & Equally Impressive Earnings

Gerina's eagerness to return to the life of a golfer is justifiable.

Besides the recognition factor, her golfing exploits have earned a fortune in career earnings; over $3.5 million, to be more specific. Currently ranked 184 in Rolex Ranking, her record of 36 career Top 10s finishes is an admirable accomplishment considering how late she took up golfing.

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Ever since she first got the taste of the said sport at the age of 15, Gerina has become an inspiration to many including her husband, who was talked out of retirement by her. Martin once said:-

"Watching her is easy. She's one of the best players in the world and she's proven herself out there."

Nevertheless, the University of Texas Alum's fortune coupled with her husband's wealth constitutes a mouth-watering net worth, a sum likely to cross the seven-figure threshold.

Body Measurements 

As much as Gerina, age 33, gets admired for her golfing skills, it pales in comparison to the applause surrounding her physical attributes.

Short and stacked, at the height & weight of five foot & seven inches (170 cm) & 67 kilograms respectively, the pro golfer possesses an apple-shaped body. Her body measurements read as 39-29-39 inches (94-74-99 cm).