Government Watchdog Jonathan Karl: His Journalism Career in ABC News, Married Life, and his Wife

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Government Watchdog Jonathan Karl: His Journalism Career in ABC News, Married Life, and his Wife

Government Watchdog Jonathan Karl: His Journalism Career in ABC News, Married Life, and his Wife

By LRU Writer | On:

We titled him as a government watchdog. Don’t get us wrong, we titled him as a government watchdog because of his aggressive research and investigation relating the government waste or misuse of its power and resources. Now you see right? That we meant to respect and not insult. So, who comes to your mind with this kind of description? We presume you thought about Jonathan Karl too with other people.

Yes, today we are talking about Jonathan Karl, a political journalist who specializes in covering U.S politics, foreign policy and other subjects like the military. We guess you know that Karl is also the Chief White House Correspondent for the mighty ABC News.

Jonathan Karl has shown a different creative way of covering political news and happenings with his show called ‘Subway Series with Jonathan Karl’ in which he has interviewed many senators as well as the Mayor of New York City.

Married Life and Family

Well, this might be more than enough to know about the professional life of this dedicated journalist. Now, let’s head towards his personal life. What do you think? Seems like a nice idea right?

So, at the age of forty-eight now, Jonathan Karl is a married man. Wish to know who his wife is? Jonathan is married to Maria Karl over whom, not much information is available till this date. However, we did manage to find pictures of the couple. Here, have a look.

Caption: Jonathan Karl and his wife Maria Karl.


The couples are blessed with two children and like his wife; no further information is available for their children too. There are no names, no birth dates no pictures, no nothing. Jonathan has managed to keep his personal life a very low profiled secret.  However, we wish to know more about Jonathan and hope that in near future, he will disclose a little more information regarding his family.

So, let’s wrap up his personal life right here because there is nothing more available on it but wait there.  Let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk a little more about his professional career and see if we can find something interesting. So, we looked at his portfolio to see if we could find something new. Well, we did find some controversy related to him.

In 2013, during May, Jonathan provoked controversy after his report that quoted emails that somewhat showed that the president administration made many edits and scrubbed information from the talking points on Benghazi. However, later he revealed that the quotes were from a source that that was claiming to have summarized the emails and made it look misleading. Later, he made an apology statement which was like this,

“Clearly, I regret the email was quoted incorrectly and I regret that it’s become a distraction from the story, which still entirely stands.  I should have been clearer about the attribution.  We updated our story immediately.”

Born on January 19, 1968, Jonathan Karl has won many awards for his excellence in work. Jonathan has received the 2011 Joan Shorenstein Barone Award, an Emmy Award in 2009 for his coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Obama and the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award from National Press Foundation in 2001.