Harry Lloyd Dating After Split With Former Girlfriend? The Fact Revealed!

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Harry Lloyd Dating After Split With Former Girlfriend? The Fact Revealed!

"Game of Thrones" is viewed as one of the biggest blockbusters in the showbiz and among many actors who have gained wider recognition from the success of the show is Harry Lloyd, who portrayed the role of 'Viserys Targaryen' along with his onscreen sister portrayed by Emilia Clarke. We have every knowledge about the professional life of Harry, but his personal life is a matter of curiosity for the fans.

The fans have been wondering if he has been dating anyone lately after parting ways with his former girlfriend. Thus, Lloyd's dating affairs are the matter of interest for today, so let's read on to know more!

Has Game of Thrones Star Harry Lloyd Been Dating Anyone After Splitting With His Former Girlfriend?

In the journey of finding a partner, when one relationship ends, and looking at the positive side it becomes an initiation of the new one too!

Many would apply the above fact in their life, but the question is 'can the fact be implied to Harry Lloyd?' as he too was once involved in a dating affair with his former girlfriend before heading separate ways.

Harry was once in a relationship with 'Belle' star Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and while they were in a relationship, they always remained tight-lipped about their union. Thus, fans were deprived of witnessing the romantic aspect of the lovely pair.

However, back in 2012, the reports regarding their break up surfaced the media. Thus, they couldn't exchange wedding vows and eventually get married and further, the wish of the fans to see them as a husband and wife was limited to dream only.

Caption: Harry Lloyd and Gugu Mbatha-Raw dated one another before splitting back in 2012.

What was their relationship like and what was the reason behind the downfall of their relationship? The questions have remained unanswered as the two decided to keep matters to themselves and hence did not reveal much about the key details of their relationship. 

Harry has not introduced romantic partner in his life which perhaps makes everyone assumes that the actor is single and is focusing on his ever blooming career. But the prospects of him having someone in his life and not willing to go public with her are also there.  Hence let us not rule that out and wait for the man to confirm and unravel the mystery of his love life from his own mouth.