How far email scandal of Hillary Clinton affected Paul Begala? Clinton loyalist: Family, Wife, and Children?

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How far email scandal of Hillary Clinton affected Paul Begala? Clinton loyalist: Family, Wife, and Children?

As the elections close up, the politics rises higher than the sky. Reporters become hungry for interesting scandalous scoops. This time, it was Hilary Clinton. But that is not the present story. What was more intriguing was the comment that Paul Begala passed.

Clinton turned over her selected e-mails to the government. Nobody was expecting any big secret, but after going through 3000 pages of e-mails, reporters were able to collect some meaty parts. These revelations influenced the past concerns of people to criticize the concept of private e-mail. What was more shocking was Begala’s uncensored quote that raised a greater scandal than the e-mails itself.

Let’s take a look at the bold commentator’s life, shall we?

Happily Married To Wife, Children Details

Begala currently lives a happy married life with his wife, Diane Friday. He has been married to her since 1989 and has a net worth of 3 million dollars. The political consultant and his wife first met in 1981 during their recruitment interview to join the Liberal Arts Council. The couple had their first date on 8 October 1981 and he later proposed his partner in Austin, Texas, and the pair also had their rehearsal dinner at the same town.

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He currently lives in Virginia. The couple is blessed with four sons. The identity of his 2, younger sons are kept very intact and away from the media but his eldest sons are Travis Begala and Patrick Aaron Begala. And it can be said that Begala is leading a very happy life with his loving family.

Despite nearly 30 years of marriage, Paul and his wife Diane do not seem to get bored out of each other and are the same passionate couple which they were back while dating in the 80s.

Paul Begala with wife Diane Friday and son Billy Begala (middle) attend a social event in 2017 (Photo:

Further, the pair is also seen attending several public events alongside their family. It seems like the Begalas are not only known for their contribution to politics but also for their family life.

Professional Life; Supporter Of Clinton Couple

Focusing on his professional life, Paul Begala is the Clinton loyalist who had supported Hilary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primaries and her husband’s before that which can easily be noticed when you look at his Twitter account. He is also a political commentator on CNN, where he earns an average salary of $69,000 per year, and as a political strategist for the democratic parties. He recently passed the comment.

“Voters do not give a shit. They do not even give a fart… “

He further asked for anyone to find him one pursuable voter, who agrees with HRC on the issues but will vote against Clinton because she has a non-archival-compliant email system.

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It does not look as if the Begala is planning to back away from his point as he hasn’t apologized for his sudden action till now.

This is not very surprising as Begala has been a Clinton loyalist not only for Hilary Clinton but her husband years before her. There have been a lot of debates about how the strategist’s comment was insensitive but Begala seems unaffected by them. After all, if 24 years in political services has taught him anything it’s to not back down easily.