Jalen Brunson Girlfriend, Dating, Parents, Family

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Jalen Brunson's girlfriend attended his National Championship game where his college won...where they began dating at a very young age in...committed relationship with his high school love
Jalen Brunson Girlfriend, Dating, Parents, Family

Jalen Brunson has come a long way since his promising performance during his time at Villanova University Although he started his professional career in the field after being drafted by Dallas Maverick's in 2018, his prior performance was equally noteworthy as well.

But aside from his bright career, the sports icon carries a very controversial background as he is linked by blood with a controversial figure in the NBA arena.

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As per official records, Jalen's birthday falls on 31st August, whereas his birth year is 1996. His father Rick Brunson played had a considerable influence upon him to enhance his basketball skills and pursue a career in NBA.

Since his father was a former professional basketball player from the NBA, it won't come as a surprise that his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps.

However, his father bought a heavy burden upon his family after being accused of involving in sexual misconduct with a female masseuse while Jalen was just a kid. Although his father accepted the accusations made against him, he denied having committed a criminal offense.

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Moreover, the player and his family members (mother Sandra and sister Erica Brunson) stood by Rick's side and remained supportive despite the legit accusations.

Again in 2018, his dad was accused of sexually assaulting women during his time at Minnesota Timberwolves as an assistant coach.

Although his father resigned from the post upon the allegationsnone of these events tainted the relation among the family members.

As of today, the NBA star is still in good terms with his dad and expressed his appreciation for him during the occasion of Father's Day on 17th June 2019.

Jalen Brunson's and father Rick Brunson as seen together on Father's Day on 17th June 2019 (Photo: Jalen Brunson's Instagram)

Thankfully though, he hasn't faced much backlash from the fans and viewers for standing by his father's side, nor has he made official comments on the accusations.

Talking in terms of his physcial attributes, his height is 6 feet & 1 inch (1.8 meters). Likewise, his body weight is approximately 86 kilograms(189 pounds).

Jalen Brunson's Girlfriend

Jalen's basketball career took off just a few years back in 2018, but outside the playground, he had succeeded in love life a long ago. Still today, he is in a committed relationship with his high school love Ali Marks.

Jalen Brunson with girlfriend Ali Marks during her birthday on 11th September 2019 (Photo: Jalen Brunson's Instagram)

Interestingly the pairs love story dates back to their days in Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, where they began dating at a very young age in 2013.

Perhaps, very few would have guessed that their attraction for one another would remain intact even after finishing college. Their relation is a rare one in comparison to today's scenarios where a string of failed relationships and controversy after reaching a level of success is daily news.

The Dallas Mavericks player's even had his partner as his prom date in 2015. But after finishing high school, Jalen moved to the East Coast for college while she chose to study in her hometown college at the University Of Illinois.

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But despite the distance between them, his girlfriend attended his National Championship game where his college won against the University Of North Carolina. She shared the winning moment on Instagram citing,

“From State Champs to National Champs. I feel so blessed to be able to share these memories with you. You deserve every second of this. Pure happiness right here. So much love for you, congrats J.”

Today, the pair are growing stronger than ever, and despite the success, Jalen has amassed from his NBA career, none of it has hindered their relationship. Along with the advancement in his athletic career, the player manages to spend quality time with his muse.