Jarvis Landry Wife, Family, Tattoos, Net Worth

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Jarvis Landry has two children, a boy, and a daughter, with his girlfriend, Estrella Cerqueira... The couple has yet to tie the knot and declare themselves as a married couple...The Cleveland Browns wide receiver has appeared on Ballers' TV show and Beyond The Athlete... He has a net worth of $20 million. He has almost 50 tattoos all over his body. The bulk of his tattoos have religious and familial themes.
Jarvis Landry Wife, Family, Tattoos, Net Worth

Since being chosen into the National Football League by the Cleveland Browns, American footballer Jarvis Landry has put up a strong showing on the field. In addition, as a wide receiver with the Miami Dolphins from 2014 to 2017, he assisted the club in scoring more than 45 goals. 

While his achievements on the playground are well-known, many people are oblivious of his 2016 appearance on Ballers' TV show. He's additionally been on shows like Beyond The Athlete and The Rich Eisen Show for a brief moment.

Is He Married? Find Out More About His Relationship & Children

When it comes to personal matters, celebrities are known for keeping their lips shut. On the other hand, the athlete has a propensity of gushing about his relationship. But, if we may say so, they have a wholesome relationship. 

Landry has a girlfriend, Estrella Cerqueira, according to what is known about their relationship to date. The couple has two children, a boy, and a daughter. And about his girlfriend, she has been employed at sales firm Altitude Group as of 2015, according to her LinkedIn profile. Their daughter was born on December 14, 2017, and their baby boy was born in March of 2019. 

Jarvis Landry and girlfriend Estrella Cerqueira spend time with their son and daughter in July 2019 (Photo: Estrella Cerqueira's Instagram)

Every narrative has its ups and downs, and this one is no exception. In 2017, allegations of physical abuse ruined the athlete's and his girlfriend's relationship. Unfortunately, it turned out to be little more than a verbal altercation in the end.

Jarvis Landry and his girlfriend Estrella Cerqueira (Photo: Jarvis Landry/Instagram)

Both are doing well presently and are on excellent footing, and their time is primarily taken up with raising their two children. The pair has yet to tie the knot and declare themselves as a married couple.

Landry's Background, Net Worth, & Tattoos

His single mother had raised him and his brother in a single-wide camper, and the family was struggling financially. The athlete could scarcely experience parental bond when he was young. Then, when he was a child, his father, Elvis Landry, abandoned the family. 

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Fortunately, his uncle Clayton coached him and introduced him to Elmo LeBeouf, coach of the Dutchtown Elite Football League's youth team. Landry’s mother sent him off to his uncle's house to provide him with a good family environment and a competent protege. As a result, the athlete put in more effort to achieve what he desired the most: his love of football. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The elite football player from the United States has a net worth of $20 million. His earnings are expected to climb in the following years due to his exemplary performance with the team. 

His fans are charmed with his appearance, talents, and, of course, his tattoos. As a self-described tattoo aficionado, he has tattoos all over his body, from the waist to the neck. A noteworthy note about him is that the bulk of his tattoos have religious and familial themes.

(Photo: Jarvis Landry/Instagram)

The likeness of Malcolm X and a representation of the Statue of Liberty are both tattooed on his back. Surprisingly, he has almost 50 symbols on his body.