"Slender Man" Javier Botet Girlfriend & Family Detail Amid Booming Career

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"Slender Man" Javier Botet Girlfriend & Family Detail Amid Booming Career

Spanish actor, Javier Botet, popularly known for his acting roles in the horror movies, is impeccable in every horror movies, who can scare the hell out of audiences. 

However, the perfect monster has a secret for his impeccable scaring abilities, already applied from Spanish industry to Hollywood. He has suffered from Marfan syndrome from his early childhood, which is, indeed, a disease but became the door to Hollywood industry.

Public Appearance With Girlfriend; Friends With Co-Star 

Javier Botet's dating history goes back to 2013 when he was dating the actress Macarena Gomez. 

The celebrity couple had their moments together by making public appearances together. The two attended the premiere of the movie, Las Brujas de Zagarramurdj during the 8th International Rome Film Festival on 9 November 2013.

However, since the film festival, the couple remained fairly lowkey in public, which brought the speculations that the couple might have already parted their ways. And they have kept the reason behind their separation under the wraps.

Javier Botet with Macarena Gomez, Director Alex de la Inglesia and Actress Carolina Bang attend the premiere of movie Las Brujas de Zagarramurdj during the 8th International Rome Film Festival (Photo: gettyimages.com)

Since his relationship with the Spanish actress, Javier has seemingly not enrolled in any romantic relationship.

So, is there someone in his life who is not making him feel alone?

Well, a romantic relationship is not always needed to cherish the happiest moment of the life. Sometimes, a good friend can occupy the vacant place. Similar is the case with the Javier Botet. The 40-years actor is neither involved in any relationship nor talked about getting married. However, he found a good friend in the Spanish actress, Karola Sanchez, also his co-star from StarLove.

They are often found hanging out together. 

Born With Genetic Disorder: Turns Into A Career 

When Javier was at the age of 5, his body was taken over by Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that results in extreme height and slenderness. Thanks to the syndrome, the actor has the height of 6ft 6 inch tall with 120 pounds.

But the never-giving-up actor turned his disease into a boon; using his tall and very lean figure to scare away the audiences in their movie seats by bending his body in a way that normal humans are not supposed to.

Introduced to Hollywood by Boris Karloff as the real-life monster, Javier has become the most sought actor and in-demand monster in the Hollywood.

Javier Botet as the title character in Mama (Photo: hollywoodreporter.com)

His unique body structure made him as if he is born for the horror role and he did the same. He played the role of an Egyptian god in The Mummy and a space xenomorph in Alien: Covenant, Leper in It

Javier's recent film credits include the role of the title monster in the 2018's movie, Slender Man

From his childhood, Javier had dreamt of portraying the role of monsters on screen. And when he got the first monster role, in Brian Yuzna's 2005 horror film, Beneath Still Waters, it was a dream come true. Recalling the moment, he explained to Hollywoodreporter.com on July 2017:

"I was so happy to be working at my dream. I told my mother about it, and I was crying, realizing that it happened."

Similarly, he has portrayed many monsters role in Spanish movie industry including the titular character in 2013's hit horror movie, Mama. And so his journey started as the famous monster in the industry. 

He was cast as three different ghosts in Crimson Peak, a crooked man in Conjuring 2, Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein, Ghost in The Other Side of the Door, KeyFace in Insidious and many others.

With the good support of his family, he has overcome the disease and has reached the peak of his career.