Jesse Underhill Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Family

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In the world of growing social media, Tik Tok is one of the fastest-growing platforms where people primarily publish lip-sync videos...Jesse Underhill managed to rise to the height of fame...Jesse, who is at the age of...Jesse stands at the height of...Jessy Underhill started his journey from...The most popular video on his YouTube account is...he is gay...that the two are dating... last time anyone heard of...
Jesse Underhill Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Family

In the world of growing social media, Tik Tok is one of the fastest-growing platforms, where people primarily publish lip-sync videos. It has helped a lot of talented youngsters come into the spotlight.

Among such individuals, Jesse Underhill has managed to rise to the height of fame with over 4.6 million fans on the social media platform.

Career In Social Media

Jessy Underhill started his social media journey with an Instagram post in July 2003. It was a video of him running around and hitting his siblings.

Since then, Jesse’s social media followers has grown explosively over the years. As his followers on Instagram grew, he also started Tik Tok. And, both the platforms helped him emerge as a bonafide online star.

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Jesse is not only active on Instagram and Tik Tok. Back in September 2015, he joined YouTube.

Today, he boasts more than 200K subscribers there. And, one of the most popular video on his YouTube account is MEET MY GIRLFRIEND *secrets out*- published in 2017.

Apart from social media platforms, Jesse was also a featured artist in Zephan Clark’s single 16. Furthermore, he also starred in the song's music video which came out in January 2018.

Gay Or Girlfriend?

Jesse Underhill once mentioned about his gay sexuality during a Tik Tok live. But in the same video, a few seconds later, he pointed out that he was joking and maintained that he was straight. So, that dismisses the question of him being gay or not. 

Talking about his girlfriends, he posted a picture on Instagram with Ariana Grande on 3 May 2019 and revealed that the two were dating. The photo, however, was poorly photoshopped concluding that Jesse was joking again. 

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All jokes aside, the Tik Tok star posted multiple pictures with a girl called Emma on 15 July 2019. He thanked Emma for the night and revealed that she was his Vidcon date.

Jesse Underhill with the mystery girl Emma in LA, California on July 2019 (Photo: Jesse Underhill's Instagram page)

That was the last time anyone heard of the mystery girl and Jesse together.

As of September 2019, Jesse seems to be single.

Family & Age

Jesse, who is 21 years old, celebrates his birthday on 1 July. The Oregon native grew up with three brothers Aaron Underhill, Levi Underhill, and Issac Underhill; and a sister named Rachel Underhill. 

Among Jesse’s siblings, His brother Levi and sister Rachel are active on social media. Rachel has also made multiple appearances in Jesse’s Tik Tok videos.

Taking about his measurements, Jesse stands at the height of five feet and eight inches (1.73 m) and weighs 65 kg.