Why John Smoltz, Married Man With Six Children Divorce From Wife?

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The former American Pitcher, who had a major success in his baseball career, didn't get such an ample luck in his first marriage. Ending his 16 years marriage with his former wife......, the hall of fame holder now is seeking to enter into his new marital life with ...... along with her .......children. All living happily ever after in his house in......
Why John Smoltz, Married Man With Six Children Divorce From Wife?

The Former American Baseball Pitcher, John Andrew Smoltz has ruled in the major league history in his time with the impressive records of 200 wins and 150 saves. All this helped to gain him the title of “the most valuable player” and electing him to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

With such an outstretched success in his career, Smoltz almost missed the success in his married life with the turmoils coming knocking his 16 years of married life.

However, he found a second wife after he welcomed love for the second time and now, he goes around stating he is the proud father of six children!

Divorce After 16 Years Of Married Life; "Contribute To Statistics Of Divorce"

The Hall Of Famer, John Smoltz famously nicknamed as “Smoltzie” was getting married to his wife Dyan Struble in the year 1997, a promise of happily ever after.

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And, the pair were proving their bond strong too and made through every endeavor till 16 years. Together, the then-married couple also shared four kids, John Andrew Jr, Rachel Elizabeth, Carly Maria & Kelly Christina. 

But, Smoltz and Struble could not go any further and officially planned their split in the year 2007.

Smoltz, once a great husband to Struble, said his goodbyes to her together with their four kids. As for the divorce reason, the Warren, United States native  wrote about his divorce in his book saying,

 “I found myself in a circumstance I deeply regretted, and one that I honestly never thought I would contribute to the staggering statistics of divorce in professional sports”. 

With a Christian background and being a firm believer himself, Smoltz is a very popular public figure with his strong testimony. But, his divorce news somehow seems to create an uncomfortable environment in the Atlantic community who follows his principles.

All of us are just searching for reasons for such a huge action from the Smoltz family after the pair had done so much good together being active in the Atlantic Community through the John and Dyan Smoltz Foundation. 

New Wife New Children: Proud Father Of Six Children 

However, Smoltz had never given up on love, in fact, he went on on a blind date with Kathryn Darden, a mother of two at Taco Mac. The blind date just took a serious turn when the two took their vows at Smoltz’s house in Alpharetta, Georgia and got married on 16 May 2009. 

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Darden, married to a man with a net worth of $60 million now lives in Smoltz’s house; a mansion which the pitcher built in 19.7 acres at 700 Foxhollow Run in the gated Greystone Community.

Smoltz posing along with his new wife Kathryn who he now shares new stories of happily-ever-after (Photo:

While Smoltz was still devastated by his divorce with his ex-wife, he pledged to take some time off to get in touch with himself and stay away from any relationships. 

However, his new wife's entry began a new beginning, making Smoltz believe in love again for which the former pitcher refers to his new wife as a “Miracle from God.”

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For his second marriage, Smoltz is making best of his efforts for smooth family life with Darden. In one of his interviews, he revealed he spends his time with his family whenever he can during big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. He stated,

"Whenever we can all just be together and celebrate the moment of family”

Smoltz, now the proud father of six (two of them from Kathryn's previous marriage), is taking his family life to new goals!