American Journalist Lisa Salters: Neither Married Nor Dating a Boyfriend, Is She Lesbian?

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American Journalist Lisa Salters: Neither Married Nor Dating a Boyfriend, Is She Lesbian?

While coming across celeb journalist, we came across plenty of writers like Karen Finney, and Jessica Yelling who have not yet married nor have been caught dating any men. It was astonishing to see the lovely women still hanging with the title of singularity.

Well, while checking out the American Journalist Lisa Salters, we observed the similar scenario. So, today we shall get hold of the perfect reason about her unmarried status and her sexual preference.

Still Not Married! But has a child, how?

American Journalist Lisa Salters grabbed the headlines when the news of her motherhood spread in the media.  The lady adopted a son named Samuel to enjoy the motherhood spree.  The journalist has not spoken about her adoption scenario nor the biological parents of her adopted son. But, she revealed the news through her Twitter account on 20th May 2013, expressing her delight.

He fans took the news positively and hence she was congratulated and showered with loads of blessing and best wishes.

 When talking about her initiation for the adoption process, he spoke about it to be her long time desire. As posted by on  4th January 2014, she said:

“I knew I wanted to adopt a child. So I knew I wanted to be someplace where I had friends and was close to my family. I was in California, and it was just too far. Baltimore was a place I had known and loved."

she also added;

"He is the best thing that has ever happened to me," . He's "somebody who's more important than [me]. ... Even if I'm sleepy and tired, it doesn't matter. It's all about him,"

Well, maybe the little son would add some color to her life and rejuvenate her from all the stress and hectic work she has been doing for decades. She has posted a picture of her son on her Twitter account with the professional basketball player Paul Pierce on 2nd September 2014:

Although she has mentioned about her adopting process, she has not given slightest hint about getting married to any men in her life. Maybe it is due to her hectic professional front she has chosen. As a stepping stone, the American Journalist Lisa Salters, in the year 1988 worked for the WBAL-TV as a reporter covering the O.J Simpson murder case for ABC. She further joined the network in March 2000 where she covered the murder conspiracy trial with  Rae Carruth for the  Carolina Panthers.

In the year 2006, she worked as the sideline reporter for the ABC coverage, and she worked as the reporter for the  2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan. In the year 2004, she covered the Olympic games in Greece and simultaneously hosted the Olympic game in the year 2006 followed by hosting NBA finals in the year  2007.

 In the year 2012, she started to appear in  Monday Night Football with co-host  Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden. Currently, she is also the correspondent of the ESPN magazine E:60.

 While going through her career span, we saw no personal space created by the lady for her personal front. The lady has honestly dedicated herself to her career and for the channel. Thus, the primary reason for her to remain unmarried may be her extreme concreteness towards her career. We sincerely pray for the longevity of her child and hope she finds a good husband and a good father for her son Samuel. Thus, she is neither married nor divorced with any of the men. 

Nor Dating: Is she Lesbian?

The paparazzi have never caught the spontaneous journalist for dating any men nor has she been linked with any of the men in her fertility. The lady neither has confessed about her being in a relationship with anyone nor any of her dating history has been obtained. 

Similarly, when talking about the dating interest, she spoke about her comfort zone and her likes and dislike. On an interview posted by on 4th January 2014, She said:

"I like the idea of going out to dinner and stuff like that, but I would so much rather just be home. I just love my space. It is like a refuge. I never have makeup on here. I don't have to look like anything. It's a place where I can be not on TV."

Although she prefers to go out to dinner, she searches for more comfort and her personal space. So this may be the significant reason for her noninvolvement in dating or getting hooked with boyfriend or girlfriend story.

But she seems to love the company of her female friends as she was spotted with few colleagues often enjoying a gala dinner randomly. She has posted few pictures with her homely friends on her Twitter account on 8th July 2014:

The frequent posts with her female colleagues might have introduced a controversy about her being lesbian but as no such issue come a crossed we must wait for her confirmation about her sexual preference. There lies a dilemma whether she is straight or actually lesbian.

Further, as she has not been involved in any of the relationships there puts a big question mark in her sexual preference. She might be lesbian that’s why she has not officially confirmed her relationship to the public thinking that it might invite extreme interference in her private life as well as her girlfriend.

Thus, she is  neither gay nor lesbian as no rumor about her mingling with any women has ever been identified.

Know about her Net Worth and Achievements?

Lisa Salters has an accumulated net worth of $2 million. She piled on the hefty amount through  her reporting skills and by working on the ESPN network. She did not only obtain the net worth amount but also been nominated for the Sports  Emmy Awards in the year 2008 for her own creation “Ray Of Hope”. She has also been continuously featured  on the award-winning series of “Out Side The Lines”.

The lady is still working and is looking forward to contributing more of her skills in the sports field. It’s really remarkable to see the lady focusing and aiming more towards her career front despite she has achieved a lot of recognition till date.