Jessica Yellin's Married or Not ? Productive Career in CNN

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Jessica Yellin's Married or Not ? Productive Career in CNN

Having an outstanding personality and extensive experience in journalism, politics, reporting, government sector, and public relation, Jessica Yellin is also one of the famous television personalities who is believed to be single. Despite being around numbers of magnetic personalities throughout her career, this talented lady is yet to be married. Or, is she married?

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An American Television journalist, Jessica Yellin, who served as the Chief White House Correspondent (2011-2013) for CNN in Washington DC, was awarded a Garcia Award in 2010 for her report on women in politics.

 It 's hard to maintain a normal life if you are a media personality and Yellin is no exception. She is believed to be single and unmarried. Did she stay single for all of these years because of her busy professional life?, Or, was it something else? 

Do you want to know if she is still unmarried or engaged?

Her Personal Life:

Regarding her personal life, Yellin has the tag un-married clinging to her for real long. She has been super busy in her professional career.  Plus, she has never been rumored to be in any love affairs. Boyfriend, husband, and children have always been one of the most inconclusive yet the most searched words about her online. With no any source disclosing about her personal life,  it has been believed safe to say that she is still single.

 It's probably due to her busy schedule that she hasn't got a chance to search her soulmate. Or, it might be because she hasn't yet encountered her soul mate. 

Still, it has already been three years since she left ESPN. As per our guess, she is no busy nowadays like her ESPN's tenure. Is she single?

The Twist:

Here's her 2014 Instagram post with the caption, "Wholesome family fun at #comiccon." Are they her husband and son? Jessica has featured the cute kid in the picture in her numerous Instagram posts.  


Wholesome family fun at #comiccon

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Productive Career:

Being a former white house correspondent for CNN, she has immense experience of covering domestic politics, Capitol Hill and the White House as well. Born on February 25, 1971, Yellin gained popularity in journalism through her dazzling and meticulous reporting style. Due to her dedication towards her work, she was awarded  Gracie Award in 2010. 

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During her active years reporting on the political breaking news, political trends and the happenings around the world, she traveled throughout the world, including Russia, China, Mongolia and more. In her polished career, Yellin also interviewed various high profiles such as  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George HW Bush.

Nevertheless, in her interviews, she tried to address various important subject matters like women in their workplace and politics, political trends and their impacts in the nation’s capital, and much more. While reporting, Yellin also covered critical debatable policies including the financial, monetary system in the country and their impacts.

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After having an interview with the then President Barack Obama in 2012, Yellin prepared a documentary emphasizing Obama's first term and anchored it by featuring the basis of the campaign cycle.

Born on February 25, 1971, former ABC, MSNBC, and CNBC personality Jessica Sage Yellin is an American Television journalist of Jewish Ethnicity. Yellin graduated from Harvard University. Yellin left CNN in 2013. Although she is not associated with CNN anymore she is still considered one of the best reporters in CNN history alongside Wolf Blitzer, John King, Dana Bash, Gloria Borger and Anderson Cooper.

In November 2015, during an event sponsored by the University of Chicago, she actively bashed current unethical media trends and faulty rating procedures. Since leaving CNN and WBUR's On Point, she has been doing her own things such as organizing seminars to visiting various talk shows discussing issues and policies.

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