Journalist of mixed Ethnicity, Ginger Zee got Married in 2014. Meet her journalist Husband and their Son

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Journalist of mixed Ethnicity, Ginger Zee got Married in 2014. Meet her journalist Husband and their Son

She is excellent at her job. She is a marvelous dancer, who rocked the floors of Dancing With The Stars — no wonder how she came third in the competition held in 2016.

So, we bet you have already guessed, who she is.

We are talking about the famous, talented as well as beautiful Ginger Zee. Ginger serves as weather anchor for Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight on ABC. Her work and her personality have gathered herself a huge fan following.

Now, moving directly towards her personal life, Ginger, 38 years old at the moment is happily married. Want to know who her husband is? It’s not a mystery at all because; Ginger is not so secretive about her personal life. But, also it’s our job to let you know. So here we go.

Ginger Zee got married to Ben Aron on 7th of June, 2014.

Ben is a media personality and host for NBC News. As you might know, Ben is a very humorous guy, who likes to have fun and is someone who sees the world differently.

Here is a picture from their wedding day.

Ginger Zee with newlywed husband Ben Aron on 7th June 2014

Ben met Ginger through the help of a friend while he was in a social act. Ben walked Ginger to her home, and later Ginger E-mailed Ben. While the couple started talking frequently, the rest is history!

Married Life With Husband And Children 

So, the life of these two love birds was already so wonderful but to make it perfect; a baby boy came into their lives. Ginger gave birth to her son, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos on 19 December 2015.

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The couple enjoyed being parents so much that they decided to give little Adrian a sibling. In February 2018, they welcomed another baby boy and named him Miles.

Ginger Zee shares a moment with her children on 28th February 2019 (Photo: Ginger Zee 's Instagram)

A working mother, Ginger shared about her struggles of being a mom when her younger son didn’t sleep through the night. The meteorologists revealed how she sought the help of a sleep expert, who helped them with the sleeping habits of their son.

Well, she suggested every new parent seek out help if their child couldn’t sleep through the night.

Without a doubt, the couples are very happy together with their children: the chance of divorce is nowhere near them. Interestingly, both the parents come from Mixed-White Ethnicity group. 

Net Worth

Ginger wanted to be a meteorologist while she was still in high school. After completing her education at Rockford High School, she joined Valparaiso University to further her studies. After graduating, she joined television station and started working.

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Her profile increased with her various job credits at WEYI-TV in Flint, Michigan, WYIN-TV in Merrillville, Indiana, WLAV-FM and WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan and WMAQ in Chicago, Illinois.

Today, her day job at Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight has helped her earn a net worth of $3 million.