Kendis Gibson Personal Life On & Off Camera! Married Or Has A Partner?

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Kendis Gibson Personal Life On & Off Camera! Married Or Has A Partner?

Emmy Award-winning American journalist Kendis Gibson, who is an anchor and reporter for ABC News, shares a beautiful bond with his colleagues in work. He even has a wife-like caring partner who cares for him during his job. But does he have someone like that in real life as well?  

Partner in Job

Gibson, who has an average height, is very friendly and supportive to his colleague from his job. One of his fellow worker with whom he shares a beautiful friendship is his co-anchor from the ABC's World News Now, Diane Macedo.

A graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego, Gibson is so friendly to Diane that he even calls her his "work wife."

On the occasion of Diane's birthday on 28 February 2018, Gibson Instagrammed a collage of photos that were taken with Diane and wished her via the caption. He also quoted her his "work wife and friend."

Moreover, he shared a picture with Diane on 11 April 2018 and quoted her "his partner in tv crime" while wishing her 2nd anniversary in regards to their two years work in the ABC's World News Now.

Kendis Gibson wishes his work partner Diane Macedo (Photo: Kendis Gibson's Instagram)

Though Gibson has a solid chemistry with his job partner, he appears to be lacking the presence of a woman with whom he can weave his relationship with in real life.

Too Busy To Find A Match?

Kendis Gibson appears to be keeping his personal life under the wraps as he is not dating anyone currently.  His social media is also empty-handed when it comes to his love life behind the cameras. 

So, looking at the situation, its safe to say that Kendis is miles away from getting married. Perhaps he has not encountered a woman who is likely to be his girlfriend due to his job-filled life and budding career. 

Moreover, Kendis doesn't hesitate to make fun of his singlehood. Back on 3 March 2017 replying to Britt Mchenry, Kendis jokingly wrote that the person who got stuck at the loser table at his wedding was him. 

Kendis Gibson jokes about being married (Kendis Gibson's Twitter)

While Gibson replenishes his singlehood, he finds himself tangled in work. He can be found covering all kinds of news for the Abc, be it related to LGBT community or weather.

He was the one to cover the story of the celebration of gay pride event that was held for the first time within the Pentagon's walls on 27 June 2012, for the local affiliate of ABC. All the gay and lesbian servicemembers at the Pentagon were honored for their service in the military.

As of now, Kendis is busy working as an anchor for the ABC's news show "America This Morning" and "World News Now."  He enjoys a lofty salary that is estimated to be $75,100 annually. He has not disclosed the total amount of net worth he has to date.