Lacey Turner Can't Wait To Be Pregnant And Have Kids With Partner; Has Any Thoughts To Get Married?

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Lacey Turner Can't Wait To Be Pregnant And Have Kids With Partner; Has Any Thoughts To Get Married?

For a woman, motherhood is the biggest happiness in life. When you become a mother, you feel like you have some added responsibilities on your shoulders but at the same time, you feel like you have lived your life to the fullest.

"EastEnders" actress Lacey Turner seems to be planning for the same bliss as she expressed her will to fall pregnant and have kids with her partner/fiance. But are they planning on children after or before getting married? Let's dig in to find out!

Lacey's Desire To Get Pregnant And Have Kid  With Her Partner:

Back in November 2016, Lacey expressed her desire to fall pregnant and have children with her long run boyfriend turned fiance Matt Kaye.

Lacey revealed,

'I'm ready for motherhood, and I want four children - Matt wants three!'

To this, Matt added,

‘I’m ready, too. I felt really broody when my nephew was born four years ago.’

The couple made it clear that they already had made plans for expanding their family. 

Lacey and Matt got engaged last September after dating one another since 2006. Matt took over his Instagram to announce that the two have got engaged.


She said yes....ooooosssshhhhhhhh #fiance @laceyturner

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Expressing her happiness on getting engaged to her long run sweetheart, Lacey said,

'He's practically perfect. I'm really happy. We are very similar - we both like staying in and watching TV and films,' 

'We are really happy but we are taking it slow. We are still so young - we haven't really thought much about the future.

The statement by Lacey kind of answers the fans who are wondering if they have any plans to get married and share a husband-wife relationship. Well, the actress herself said that the two are yet to think about their future and maybe, they do not feel the need to get married as they already have so much love between them.

We do hope that the two see even better days in the future and we also hope that the desire of the couple gets fulfilled soon and get blessed with adorable kids.

Lacey And Her Amazing Tattoo:

Body art is something that Lacey has always loved. The star actress has a very crafty and attractive tattoo on her back, and it is just WOW!


@aggyink 'd up

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She got this tattoo from Aggy who is a famous tattoo artist and is the owner of Aggy's Ink.

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