Lara Bingle, Married in 2014, is Pregnant for Second Time: Shows Baby Bump

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Lara Bingle, Married in 2014, is Pregnant for Second Time: Shows Baby Bump

Pregnancy brings a new meaning to a woman's life! 

When she carries a little soul within her, she receives a colossal joy with a huge excitement of being a mother. Well, Australian model and media personality, Lara Bingle is again ready to add the meaning to her life with immense joy.

Pregnant Lara: Gave Birth To Her Second Baby

A mother of one son, Lara,29, who once said to the KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O Show

“I think being pregnant is such a personal thing for a woman. I just find it weird even talking to you about it.” 

is once again pregnant. On May 2016, Lara was seen with a potential baby bump in New York while she was strolling with her husband Sam Worthington.

On June 2016, Lara herself confirmed her pregnancy as a part of the cover shoot in the July issue of InStyle Australia magazine.

After giving birth to her second son in October 2016, Lara had kept his name under wraps. It was only after certain interval she told the media that her second toddler's name was Racer. 

The model also posted a picture of her second son on Instagram.

Lara posts a picture of herself with second son Racer (Photo:

The duo has been leading a happy life together with their two sons.

Married To An Australian Actor, Lara Mom Of Two!

Lara first gave the hint of her wedding on her social media. She changed her surname to Worthington after enjoying a secret wedding in 2014.

The model got married to the actor, Sam at a private home in Melbourne December of 2014. She has been married to Sam Worthington who was previously her partner for three years. Speaking about her wedding, she told to radio duo

"We got married nearly a year ago. It was intimate, we just popped into Melbourne where Sam’s family is from. It was just our family, less than 10 people. We wrote the whole celebration, we wrote all our vows."

As per the model, she was also six months pregnant with their son Rocket Zot when the pair were getting married. Later, Lara had given birth to her first baby named Rocket Zot Worthington in February 2015.

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To the Sunday Telegraph, Eight months pregnant Lara recently told the monthly Magazine:

"I had a great pregnancy with Rocket and touch wood it will be the same this time."

The duo has been embracing their togetherness by appreciating what each had done to the another. Lara claimed that her reason to marry Sam wasn't that of his good looks, but him being extremely family oriented. She even reported in the Sunday Life Magazine saying that:

'Parenting is challenging. You need a lot of patience and I'd say Sam is definitely more patient than me. He's just a really good dad and absolutely obsessed with the boys, so nothing comes between them – not work or anything else. And that, for me, is the most attractive thing about him.'  

Well with such great parenting skills and being a good husband as he is now, Sam Worthington, no doubt will keep Lara always happy and support through her next pregnancy as well.

The duo enjoying the hot spring in Iceland (Lara Bingle's Instagram)

The couple is happily enjoying their married life as the duo was spotted enjoying their time dipping in the hot spring in Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Pregnant With Third Number Three:

It was just two years earlier that Lara and Sam had welcomed their second son Racer to the world. But Lara has been leaving everybody with the hints that she might be pregnant again.

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Lara who reported to Today Extra saying:

“I would love to have more children, definitely. There’s nothing that really sets you up or prepares you for motherhood then when it happens, it is something you just can’t compare.”

Lara might just be breaking the big news of their third baby soon.

A Small Wiki Of Lara Bingle:

Born on 22 June 1987, Lara Worthington is popular by her maiden name Lara Bingle. She also has inked beautiful tattoos on her finger, ribcage, and wrist. Australian model, Lara is best known for appearing in “So where the bloody hell are you?”, the 2006 Tourism Australia advertising campaign.

She is also known for appearing on her own reality television series, “Being Lara Bingle”. It was premiered in June 2012 on Network ten. The show ended after one season. Lara’s net worth is speculated to be $4 Million (estimated).