Lauren Blanchard Bio: Married Status To Age & Family Details Of Fox News Correspondent

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Lauren Blanchard Bio: Married Status To Age & Family Details Of Fox News Correspondent

Lauren Blanchard, the correspondent for Fox News Channel and Fox News Edge, has gained considerable fame through her distinct personality. From an intern to a junior reporter, her professional journey has swiftly taken her to the dream job of a correspondent in less than a decade.

The beautiful blonde has also attracted viewers with her looks, and fans are asking if the TV lady is single or committed. Her relatively unknown personal life will be revealed through his article.

So, hold on to know Lauren's dating life along with her bio-related info!

Dating Status, Fond Of Pet

A single woman reportedly, Lauren has no history of a husband in the past. Further, she has not shown interest in getting herself tied to married life. However, she had shown interest in dating earlier and even tried to use her pet cat as a medium for attracting men. 

The journalist was happily enjoying her single life, but some others may not have felt the same for her.

On Valentine's Day 2017, an outraged Lauren mentioned via a tweet that a company tried to set up with a man while using her pet cat as a tool for attracting the prey.

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The University of Michigan graduate further explained that it was aggressive and pathetic of the company to think that she was single for Valentine's Day because she could not woo a man to be her date.

 And apparently, she doesn't want to flaunt her cat, which is her baby, to deceive a stranger. Her pet is like a child to her, and she has even mentioned the creature on many of her social media posts. On 11 July 2017, she shared a picture of her cat through Instagram. 

Lauren is a proud mother to her pet kitten as shared on 11 July 2017 (Photo: Lauren Blanchard's Instagram)

Further, in the post, she described the possibility of having a cat as she might be addicted to the idea of raising a pet cat.

And with her possible single status, having an animal to keep her company might be a good idea. On 14 February 2018, Lauren mentioned of her celebrating Valentine's Day with a glass of wine and a half bar of chocolate.

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Fans have derived from her statement that she could be implying herself to be free of any relationship commitments.

The middle-aged reporter, who celebrates her birthday on 12 October, might not have found her soulmate yet; still, she has people in her life whom she loves and adores. And they are none other than her family members.

Inseparable Family, Funny Thanksgiving Dinner

Since the very first day she was born, her father made sure that Lauren and her brother get used to the American football which her father regards as the "most important game" of the year.

And, the children of Blanchards' family grew up watching sports and her father was the biggest fan of Army West Point. So it seems the journalist is also a supporter of the team.

The Blanchards are very close to each other, and they do not miss any opportunity to hang out. The members of the family unite on festivals and enjoy their time with some beautiful family moments. 

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Unfortunately, at one time, a member missed the family event, but the Blanchards found a hilarious solution to the situation. For the dinner of Thanksgiving 2016, Lauren's brother Matt, a US Army Ranger graduates, was unable to attend the gathering; however, the festival would not be complete without him, and so they put a lifesize cutout of her sibling calling it "Flat Matt."

The correspondent based out of Washington D.C. further mentioned her family as weird and wacky for substituting a real person with a prop. She even shared a picture to mark the remarkable event on 24 November 2016.

Lauren enjoys Thanksgiving 2016 with family and Flat Matt (Photo: Lauren Blanchard's Twitter)

Moreover, on 25 December 2017, Lauren wrote in a tweet of her plans to celebrate Christmas with her parents and brothers. Fortunately, her brother Matt was available for this occasion, so the Blanchards' didn't have to have dinner with a Flat Matt.