Fox News' Lisa Boothe Has What Parents Have? A Content Married Life & Set Wedding Vows?

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Fox News' Lisa Boothe Has What Parents Have? A Content Married Life & Set Wedding Vows?

American political analyst Lisa Boothe is a distinguished name in the political world, who has been able to gain, both admirers and critics through her unbiased views on the United States Politics.

Also the TV personality, Lisa had the best of mentoring from her childhood with her dad, a senator for Capitol Hill for 10 years. Inspired by father, she also made a big name for herself in the politics. 

But that's not all Lisa derived from her parents.

She was mesmerized witnessing her parents' love to such a level that she desires the same for herself. The University of Tennessee graduate has been idolizing her parent's decades of relationship and is looking forward to having one for herself.

Parent's Married Life: Idol Love Story 

Lisa Boothe, who enjoys the salary of $84 thousand, gained popularity through her astute knowledge and experience in politics; thanks to her father she learned politics early while growing up. But there's more Lisa witnessed in her family while growing up. 

She watched her parents' deep love for each other and developed as her ideal love.

Lisa Boothe with her adorable parents in December 2017. (Photo: Lisa Boothe's Instagram)

She is blessed to have parents, who still share similar love and respect even after decades of spending time together. They have been together for 37 years and are still going strong after raising four children. They raised Lisa and her brothers to support and love one another while supporting their education as well.

Spectating her parent's love for a long time, Lisa also expects the same kind of romance in her life. She is looking forward to a cherishable love in her life just like her parents.

Boyfriend Or Not? Similar To Her Parents?

Lisa Boothe, who regularly features on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN, is open to express her opinions for love, but when it comes to flaunting a boyfriend, she has chosen to remain fairly private. 

Lisa, age 33, has not mentioned anything about her possible boyfriend in any of her posts on her social media. Even though her social media do include family posts, there has not been any post referencing her possible husband.

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Adding to it, she has stayed lip-tightened on her love life even during any of her interviews.

By the looks of it, the Fox News contributor seems not up to any wedding plans any time sooner without any romantic figure in the scene. With her secrecy, she does open doors for fans to keep on guessing about her current dating status. 

Well, with her silence it does seem like she might probably be single and rooting a love that lasts a lifetime.

Big Brother Settled, Happy Married Life

Well, as Lisa seems quite silent when it comes to revealing her marital status, she does love posting about her family. Even though there ain't any news of her trying the nuptial knot, her big brother is already set with the wedding vows.

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Lisa's brother Ryan Boothe exchanged the wedding vows with his long-time girlfriend back in 2015. They are happily married and as of today, they are already blessed with a son.

Well, it seems like her brother is already settled with the love of his life and as for Lisa, it is only a matter of time when someone swipes her off her feet.